Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Cobalt [Indefinite Hiatus]
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Originally Posted by 0shawott View Post
Do you still plan on adding fakemon to this hack? I think it looks excellent so far but fakemon usually put me off playing a hack as often... they aren't so good. I really like new evolutions and pre-evos of current Pokémon so if they are just those and they are done well then I'll be happy! :)
Well at the moment I have no fakemon inserted, I do plan to include some but it's not exactly a top priority at the moment.

Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
That bank script is pretty cool :) Do you get interest on your money or does the bank have another function?

Also I really love your clean-cut text formatting, however the first screenshot looks a bit weird since Torchic is the same red as the mother's text. Also I guess the 'and' should also be red. It's a bit problematic having a fire Pokémon xD - Saying that I can't think of an alternative way to do it.

Looking good so far :3 I'll play the beta once exams are over hopefully!
I'm still thinking about the interest system. I don't think I should insert an RTC just for that, so I'll probably make it so everytime you deposit money your interest is increased a little or something.

I've changed that script so that "Torchic" is orange instead of red (not the ugly, default orange colour - it's an edited colour). Thanks for the suggestion!

Originally Posted by Doa View Post
This isn't a bad hack for the first beta. I just started it, and I'm pretty glad you chose the Hoenn starters over Kanto (and Johto, seeing as I have way too many Johto hacks). The beginning seems pretty believable too, and having the grunts block an area right off the bat is an interesting touch.

I'll keep playing and see if I can find any glitches or whatnot. If you're looking for "official" beta testers, let me know.
Thanks! If and when beta testers are needed, I'll post here, so stay tuned.