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Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
I think you need one improve in mapping, put more things, flowers, litle rocks, and other details, i like the pallets, but have combination with 3d tiles and 2d tiles, you need choose one style, and create all tilesets in this style.
Perspectives aren't my forte. And I think my mapping is pretty good, at least sometimes. I dunno. :\

Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
After watching the video the first two words that came in my mind was "Resident Evil"!

Even though there was no mentioning about zombie pokemon I do have the feeling that this is gonna turn into a creepypasta!

And if you do add zombie pokemon...well, it will be too cliche but it will be something which I don't think we have seen in a pokemon rom hack ever before!
Yes, it's been done before. No, I won't be doing it.
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