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    I participated in a Battle Roads this past Saturday, and did really well, despite a major disappointment near the end. I played a Darkrai EX/Tornadus EX deck. We played six rounds with a Top 4. Seeing as this was last Saturday and I played so many games, my memory of who I played against is kind of fuzzy.

    Round 1: vs. Zoroark Rush

    My opponent starts with a lone Sableye, while I think I start with a Smeargle. My opponent goes first and manages to bench a Zorua and a Darkrai EX and Junk Hunts for two of the Items he used. Thanks to two Smeargle Portraits, as well as one of my own, I play three Junipers while fully powering up a Darkrai with a Dark Claw. I get Darkrai Active, Catcher up Zorua, and get my first prize on my Turn 1! I then KO Zoruas as they came down, but my opponent is able to pull off a double KO on two of my Darkrais with his own Darkrai. Luckily I had a Tornadus ready to go and took my final Prize with the Sableye I damaged earlier.


    Round 2: vs. Zekeels

    This game was kind of sad, as neither of us had a great setup. My opponent couldn't draw any Supporters, while my Supporters didn't get me what I needed. I was ultimately able to win thanks to cleverly not attacking their Zekrom with Darkrai until I was able to Catcher it to the Bench and put the 30 damage on it.


    Round 3: vs. ??????

    I honestly do not remember what I played against, or how I won, but I did.


    Round 4: vs. Mono-Fighting

    This game was insane! My opponent starts with a lone Landourus, while I start with a lone Smeargle. I go first, and pull off a move very similar to my Round 1 game. However, even with a fully powered (and Dark Clawed) Darkrai EX, I failed to draw the Switch I needed to get my Smeargle out of my Active spot for a donk! Luckily for me, my opponent draws poorly, and can't set up fast enough. I sweep him with my Darkrai, and didn't have to use Tornadus at all!


    Round 5: vs. CMT

    This was a sad game for me. My opponent started with a lone Celebi, while I started with a Shaymin active and a Mewtwo on my Bench just in case. My opponent goes first and plays a few Trainers, PONTs, and plays a Dual Ball, which gets two tails. He plays another, and manages to get one heads, which he uses to get out a normal Tornadus. He KO's my Shaymin on his turn 1, and I'm basically forced to play catch-up throughout the game. I managed to N him down to 1 card, but unfortunately he drew a Juniper with that 1 card and I lose,


    Round 6: vs. Darkrai/Smeargle (no Tornadus as far as I could tell)

    I knew I had to win this game in order to make it into the top cut. We both start with Smeargles, and we basically started racing to see who got their Darkrai out faster. My opponent couldn't draw the Dark Patches he needed to power up his Darkrai, while I do, so I take the early lead and basically never looked back.


    I ended up as the second seed, but unknown to me at the time, my luck had run out.

    Top 4: vs. Mono-Fighting (This wasn't the same person I played previously)

    Game 1: I start lone Darkrai, while my opponent started lone Terrakion. I draw absolutely no Supporters whatsoever, and can't get another Basic out.

    Game 2: I choose to go first, but I start slightly better, but I still couldn't draw the Energy I needed for my Tornadus. To make matters worse, I was forced to discard two Junk Arms AND two Catchers with a Portraited Juniper! Long story short, I go down in a very depressing manner. These games were so bad, they were both done in under 20 minutes!

    I find out that the top seeded player lost their game, so I ended up in 4th, missing my chance at a Victory Cup card! I was not too happy about that, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

    I'm hoping to rebound this Saturday, so hopefully the next one will be much better!

    I'm also planning on going to my first Nationals next month. I doubt that I'll do very well there, but you never know!
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