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So, I created the thread so I should answer myself finally! lol

I like using GTS, tho I never use negotiations, usually I couldn't find a thing there and wasted my time, so I abandoned it. I never search for Pokemon because of all those dummies who want sooper-oober legends with lvl below 9. That's ridiculous.

I only put my Pokemon as reasonable offers (eg. my random version exclusive for another random version exclusive, my random bred starter for another random starter and so on).

I got a shiny Glameow once, it was legit so that's cool. I also got a legit 27/4/31/30/31/31 Naughty Japanese Charmeleon.

I never use traded pokemon in my teams so all my GTS mons are just dex fillers or are used for breeding.

Thaat's pretty much everything ^______^

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