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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Nor spell my username right :/.

    You did the right thing. The only link on the first post is the link to the Live Beta. It's possible the Live Beta ips isn't being updated correctly, though.

    I'll see what I can dig up.

    Where on earth did you find a Moon Stone? I've been looking for one for about a week to evolve my Haunter!
    To the east of New Bark Town there is a cave tojo falls I think it is called, go to the west in it and there should be a guy who will also give you Chikorita. And right above him is a pokeball containing the Moon Stone. I did a lot of research on where to find one because the only reason I was going to play liquid crystal to begin with was because I didn't have to trade to get pokemon. And Steelix and Gengar are 2 of my favorites. Because Steelix is one of the most annoying pokemon to deal with when you put him up against psn/dark/psychic/ghost/normal/flying and you toxic them and just pound them with earthquake and double edge. And Gengar has high special attack, decent speed and hypnosis dream eater is the real deal.
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