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Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
Hi everyone. This is the hometown of my game. It is called Lily Town. Please let me know what you think. This is the first map I have really put a lot of thought into.


Sorry for the squares and the selected space. I am just learning about taking screenshots on my new computer.
Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Looks rather good actually, only problem I have is the top exit looks rather big.
I agree with Nintendork on your map, looks pretty good, although I think it's a few tiles too big too... I like the idea of having a gate house between this town and the next route/town/city, I've never thought of doing that.

Originally Posted by Obix View Post
oh the shadow gotcha haha i could not figure out what you were talking about got it
Yeah that's it haha!

This is my Route 03 map.

Not much has changed here besides more trees... Some of the trainers here, though, are pretty tough considering they are just outside of Pewter City... Route 04 is North-East of this route.


Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
Nickaloose- It's the diagonal cuts of the edges. There are some pretty jarring pixels out of place as I see. If you could do anything smoothen the lines, it would fine.

And yes, the drawing is the region of my game. I've got a bit more than half of the city area done so far.

Obix- Much better! Nickaloose got the few issues, but it really has some atmosphere now.

Rayd- It's definitely a solid start, but it still looks a little empty to me. Maybe just shrink the mapsize a little bit, or find some other tiles to fill up the empty space. Also, the ponds... are boxy. Ponds do not form in boxes. :c
Ah I see, I will look into this.

Oh okay, that looks, well, huge, will love to see how you do that.

My thoughts exactly.