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    Originally Posted by Shaly View Post
    I love playing snakewood! And this looks 1000 times better! how is the progress coming?
    Slowly. I've kind of stopped for a bit because I'm in the middle of exams, but I hope to get some good progress done over the summer. I might even have a beta by August, though I'm not going to promise anything.

    Originally Posted by HyperKiller View Post
    Culterine, i think this hack will be as good AND funnier than even the Ruby Destiny series. In Snakewood, i notice most of your references are Dr. Seuss (Pink Ink,Blue Fish). Also, just an opininon, but why not make ANOTHER one more Team to join, and the starter will be Missingno., or maybe put Missingno. somewhere? I always wanted to make or play a hack starring Missingno.
    Actually, only a small proportion of the Snakewood references are to Dr. Seuss. There are many, many others.

    And since you ask about Missingno., I've already put him in. I also gave him a pre-evolution and an evolved form; they were one of the first new lines I inserted.

    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    This game also reminds me of Shadow the Hedgehog. Will you be given an option to choose to go the different path you want to take? Also is Hombone going to replace Numel again or is it gonna replace a different Pokemon? The Fabulous Snowmen are probably even crazier than the Deadly Seven, maybe even crazier! Anyways that is my on-topic post that I have for you that may contain questions.
    The only choices you make in the game are those to do with joining gangs and a couple of little things, like choosing to kick the Spearow or not. The rest happens according to those choices. The multiple endings depend on which gang you picked, and on a certain decision you make at the end.

    Originally Posted by Iceypunchy View Post
    So if you join Team Rocket will it be a completely different story than if you wouldn't join
    Yes. If you join Team Rocket, you will work for Team Rocket throughout the story. (And fail horribly, but only because Team Rocket are morons.) If you join Ork's smuggling ring, you will work for Ork throughout the story. And so on and so forth.

    On another note, I might release a minihack before I get back to work on Keratin, just to keep my hand in. Again, no promises, but we'll see what happens.


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