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    Continued from my last post...

    I went inside the gym, beat all the gym trainers with ease, and got to Cress. I beat Cress pretty fast and then left. I saw Fennel and then she told me to go to the Dreamyard and get some Dream Mist for a project of hers, and she gave me cut as well. I taught Cut to Pansage. I went to the Dreamyard, cut down the tree, and then Bianca came up behind me. We went in through the opening and both of us heard a noise. It turns out it was Munna's cry: Team Plasma was abusing it! How rude of them to do such a thing! I gave the grunts a beating, and then a image of Ghetsis appeared. The grunts were scared and ran off, and then a Pokemon came from behind the wall, a Musharna. It made the Ghetsis images to scare the grunts. Musharna got Munna an then they returned to their home. They left some Dream Mist on the ground. Fennel came and took the Dream Mist back to her house. I left for her house while Bianca stayed behind to get a Munna of her own. Fennel gave me the C-Gear when I went to her research lab. Amanita, who runs the PC, gave me the Pal Pad as well. I then left for Route 3. I beat the trainers around the nursery, while a kind lady also healed my Pokemon. I got met up with by Cheren, who battled me, and I won, AGAIN. Then, Team Plasma grunts ran by quickly, and then Bianca and a little kid came behind them. Team Plasma stole the kid's Pokemon, and Cheren ran after them. I soon followed, while Bianca and the little kid stayed behind. Me and Cheren beat the grunts fast. Cheren gave the kid the Pokemon back, and I followed, and then the kid gave me some heal balls. I beat trainers on Route 3, and eventually got to Nacrene City. I when to the outside part of pinwheel forest to train my two pokemon up in levels. I went back to the gym, and then N came out and battled me, who I beat massively. I recieved a tour of the museum, went to the gym in the back of the museum, beat the trainers, solved all the riddles, and then fought Lenora. Her Pokemon took a little longer, but I beat them fairly easy. Afterwards, team plasma stole the Dragon Skull from the museum, and then took of with it. Lenora and me went out of the building outside, and then Cheren and Bianca came up behind. Burgh, the Castelia City Gym Leader, talked small talk to Lenora for a few minutes, and then Lenora left towards the right, and Burgh left to the left in the direction of Pinwheel Forest. Bianca gave me the Dowsing Machine, and then her and Cheren stayed in the museum, while I went towards Pinwheel Forest. I went in and fought all the grunts, and got the Dragon Skull back. Lenora took it, and gave me a Moon Stone in return. I left the forest, and then went in the direction of Castelia City. I crossed Skyarrow Bridge, and WOW at the camera angles on the bridge and the length of the bridge in itself. I went into the city, went to the Pokemon Center, healed, went to the Battle Company, beat all the trainers, beat the troll chairman disguised as a janitor, got the EXP share from him, went back to the Pokemon Center, and then saved.

    Pignite Lvl 23
    Herdier Lvl 25