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Update No.1

NB: Character name is Tai
NB2: Some changes where made by the creator of Sacred Gold such as changing of Abilities (eg. Chikorita now has Natural Cure instead of Overgrow)
NB3: While I do use an emulator, when I'm doing challenges I don't use cheats, hacks, AR Codes or Gameshark codes

-Started from New Bark Town
-Received Bag, Trainer Card, Save+Options as well as Running Shoes, Bicycle and GB Sounds from Mom
-Received Chikorita (F) from Prof. Elm
-Got 5 Potions from Prof Elm's Aide
-Got PokeGear from Mom
-Chikorita learned Razor Leaf
-Arrived in Cherrygrove City
-Received Old Rod from "Guide Gent" (that's definetely got to be an innuendo)
-Got Map Card from "Guide Gent"
-Obtained Apricorn Box
-Saw a familiar person with Lucario-like hairpieces (no prizes for guessing who it is) outside of Mr. Pokemon's house
-Mystery Person gave Tai an Eevee (F)
-Got Mystery Egg from Mr. Pokemon
-Got Pokedex (both Johto AND National) from Prof. Oak
-Registered Prof. Oak in the PokeGear
-Received a seemingly urgent phone call from Prof. Elm saying to get back to the lab now (not like I can exactly do that seeing as I don't have any Flying Pokemon or any Pokemon that can use Teleport on me)
-Chikorita learned PoisonPowder
-Passerby Boy (yes that's his name for now) had a hissy fit over my receiving a Pokemon from Prof. Elm and challenged me to a battle (それは雌犬に持って来る!)
-Chikorita wiped the floor with Passerby Boy's Cyndaquil despite the type disadvantage
-Saw Passerby Boy's name
-Told cop in New Bark Town Passerby Boy's name was Duskmon after being falsely accused of being a thief until Lyra cleared eveything up
-Gave Prof. Elm Mystery Egg and showed him my Pokedex
-Obtained 15 Pokeballs from Lyra
-Defeated Youngster Joey's supposedly "top percentage" Rattata then felt sorry for him and registered him in the PokeGear (IF HE THINKS THAT HIS RATTATA IS IN THE TOP PERCENTAGE AT ONLY LV. 7 THEN HE NEEDS TO PUT A HELMET ON!)
-Defeated Aroma Lady Julia's Budew, Sentret, Seedot and Cherubi
-Chikorita learned Synthesis
-Defeated Idol Carly's Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Skitty
-Received phone call from Mom asking why I didn't tell her I was going on a journey (Uh...oops) and decided not to let her save my money so she didn't buy a bunch of useless crap
-Defeated Bug Catcher Wade's Spinarak, Ledyba, Nincada and Surskit then registered him in the PG (Note: PokeGear will now be abbreviated to PG)
-Received a call from the Bike Shop saying to keep the Bicycle (dunno how when I got the Bicycle from Mom)
-Obtained Vs. Recorder from Lyra
-Arrived in Violet City
-Received EXP. Share from weird Scientist in Pokemon Center
-Gave EXP. Share to Eevee
-Received a Squirtle from another weird guy in the Pokemon Center but deposited it into the PC
-Defeated Sage Nico's Sunkern, Ralts, Bellsprout and Bellsprout
-Eevee learned Bite
-Defeated Sge Chow's Bellsprout, Exeggcute and Poliwag
-Chikorita learned Grasswhistle
-Defeated Sage Edmond's Mareep, Hoothoot and Oddish
-Chikorita evolved into Bayleef
-Bayleef learned Nature Power
-Defeated Sage Jin's Bellsprout
-Deafeated Sage Neal's Psyduck, Natu and Bulbasaur
-Defeated Sage Troy's Abra, Hoothoot, Hoppip and Exeggcute
-Defeated Elder Li's Bellsprout, Hoothoot, Chingling and Cherubi
-Received Serenade Orb (used to evolve Eevee into Umbreon) from Elder Li as well as TM70 Flash (yeah didn't see Duskmon getting both an evolutionary stone AND a TM, he only got and evolutionary stone)
-Eevee evolved into Umbreon
-Umbreon learned Pursuit
-Obtained HM06 Rock Smash
-Defeated Gym Leader Falkner's Doduo, Farfetch'd, Chatot, Swablu, Murkrow and Pidgeotto
-Received the Zephyr Badge as well as TM51 Roost
-Received Pokemon Egg from Prof. Elm's Aide in Violet City PokeMart
-Registered Gym Leader Falkner in the PG
-Caught Pidgey (F)
-Obtained the Miracle Seed
-Gave Bayleef the Miracle Seed
-Took EXP. Share away from Umbreon and gave it to Pidgey
-Umbreon learned Flash
-Defeated Ruin Maniac Gordon's Sandshrew and Onix
-Defeated Parasol Lady Joan's Mareep and Drifloon
-Defeated Picknicker Liz's Nidoran (F) and Ponyta then registered her in the PG
-Pidgey learned Quick Attack
-Defeated Camper Roland's Nidoran (M), Pikachu and Diglett
-Received Poison Barb from Frieda of Friday
-Obtained TM03 Water Pulse
-Obtained Pal Pad (useless to me as I can't connect to Wi-Fi or anything on an emulator)
-Defeated Ace Trainer Peter's Staravia, Nidorino, Oddish and Elekid
-Defeated Firebreather Ray's Vulpix
-Obtained TM39 Rock Tomb
-Defeated Hiker Daniel's Onix
-Defeated Hiker Russel's Geodude and Nosepass
-Defeated Firebreather Bill's Koffing, Magby and Charmander
-Bayleef learned Magical Leaf
-Defeated Poke Maniac Larry's Slowpoke and Cubone
-Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto
-Defeated Hiker Anthony's Geodude and Machop then registered him in the PG
-Took EXP. Share away from Pidgeotto and gave it to Umbreon
-Moved Pidgeotto to the first slot in team
-Arrived in Azalea Town
-Obtained TM46 Thief
-Defeated Team Rocket Grunt(M)'s Rattata, Zubat and Ekans
-Defeated Team Rocket Grunt(F)'s Grimer, Geodude and Poochyena
-Obtained Mudkip from wierd guy in Azalea Pokemon Center
-Obtained TM34 Shock Wave
-Mudkip learned Water Pulse
-Bayleef learned Rock Smash
-Swapped Bayleef to head of team
-Gave Mudkip EXP. Share after taking it away from Umbreon
-Defeated Team Rocket Grunt(M)'s Cacnea and Nidorina
-Defeated Rocket Executive Proton's Voltorb, Zubat, Koffing and Cacnea
-Registered Kurt in the PG
-Swapped Pidgeotto to head of team
-Defeated Bug Catcher Benny's Paras (which I actually thought was a Mew because I wasn't watching the screen at the time ), Ledian, Skorupi and Nincada
-Defeated Bug Catcher Al's Combee, Pineco and Kricketune
-Caught Slowpoke (F)
-Used King's Rock on Slowpoke
-Slowpoke evolved into Slowking (I don't get that though. How can a FEMALE Slowpoke become a SlowKING? Sounds like the creators of Pokemon need to PUT A HELMET ON!)
-Saved progress for now

Team Part 1:

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