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    I'd like to join this club, since I love Smash Bros Brawl
    Username: Cosmotone8

    Imma go and answer some of the current topics.
    How did you start playing Super Smash Bros?
    I played at a friends house once, and then loved it so much that he let me keep the game since he never did play at all.

    Any thoughts/opinions about it?
    I think its really cool that all the Nintendo characters come together in such an epic way. It also got me interested in a lot of series once I saw their characters and stages.
    What strategies/characters do you use when playing?
    I almost always use Ike, but sometimes I use Pikachu. I don't really have any strategies, since I almost never play against anyone other than computers. (And they are really easy to beat)
    What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming?
    There is a new one? O_O *Rejoices*
    Which characters would you like to see in SSB4?
    I wouldn't like to see any other characters really, but I would like to see some more epic stages.
    What new series or new character from recent years would you like to see?
    None really.
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