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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    It's not that it's too easy. idk how to explain it. But I've always found if legends are found pretty easily, the hack comes across as kinda, well noob-ish. \: I mean, for instance, you can still have the proper Pokemon that would be found in Fiery Path ala Fire types, Poison, some fighting. And then have a legendary appearance as like 1% But only have it as legends who aren't available in Emerald.
    Thats a fair enough, and the 1% for legendary pokemon i like that... i will change the places where pokemon appear and make sure legendary only have a 1% change of appearing..

    There will be an update in near future.

    Edit: Sorry for no news, but I am in and out of hospital at the moment.... Will continue on the heck dont worry!
    Edit(2): I have completed the update of pokemon placement and they are placed a lot better now. I will also implement a trainer with my favourite pokemon to fight against, And then will release a new version.
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