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    Unfortunately Jambo51 has encountered some problems with the Pokedex expansion, and I don't want to pressure him to get them fixed. Also I'm going to re-do this whole thing, but this time on FireRed.

    Now I know you're thinking: What's the point of doing this on FireRed if Jambo51's project (the original inspiration for this) is already on FireRed? Here's why:

    *Jambo's project is focused towards 5th Gen, while mine will be focused towards 4th Gen
    *Jambo's project is designed for emulators, while mine is specifically designed for GBA hardware through use of a flashcart, so I don't want features like the Day/Night system because they won't work
    *I'll learn things in the process anyway
    *I can easily copy+paste all the data and repoint tables as necessary
    *FireRed is more documented
    *Jambo51 provided documentation in his own thread on expanding the Pokedex (well kinda but whatevs)
    *The original reason why I wanted to do DarkViolet on Ruby/Emerald is no longer applicable due to some ASM hacks that are possible on FireRed
    *I'm working on all 4th Gen moves, thus forcing me to learn ASM more
    *I'm Chaos Rush and I can do whatever I want and don't care if random people on the internet think its pointless

    Originally Posted by daldryx View Post
    Are the new moves still being implemented in this hack?
    As of very recently, yes. I've actually already begun working on the new FireRed project several days ago:

    I'll probably be starting a new thread since this new project will be slightly different, so a mod can close this if he/she wants.