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An legit copy of D/P/PT/HG/SS
Must have an WiFi Connection
No rude comments to the people who beat you or lose
All leaders MUST accept any challenge.
If you spam, you are banned automatically from the forum
If you go on vacation, please state so on the forum
You can re-battle the gym leader you already vs after you beat the whole league
No Ubers
Rivals have to battle you every once in an while
You need an trainer card if you are an leader. You may make your own or use the PokeCharms Card Generator.
Gym Leaders may also have an battle with each other when there gym is free.
All Gym Leaders must use the exact type of Pokemon that your type for your gym is.
You can only change your gym type once every 3 months.
And, make sure to have lots of fun.
Leaders and Challangers get two sub pokemon to switch in before battles.

How to earn PokeMoney:

Trainer Battle: $5
Rival: $10 - $75
Gym Battle: $20 - $150
Elite Five: $300
Champion: $600
*All leaders get a free $25 PokeDollars per match.*

How much PokeMoney you lose:

Trainer: -$5
Rival: -$10 to -$75
Gym: -$20 to -$150
Elite Five: -$300
Champion: -$600
Forfeit: -$5 to -$250

What you can buy with PokeMoney:

1) Fire starter (LV. 1) - $10
2) Water starter (LV. 1) - $10
3) Grass starter (LV. 1) - $10
4) Entei - $150
5) Suicune - $150
6) Celebi- $300
7) Deoxys - $500
8) Jirachi - $1000
9) Change your Sprite - $25 (You can change only once every two months)
10) Training Help - $15 an month (But, I doubt you will need training.)
(When you are ready to claim your prize, PM me with the number that you want of Pokemon)


I currently need:

Gym Leaders: 7
Elite Four: Determined Later
Champion: 0 (Will add who ever gets as champion first.)
Rival: You may choose one rival.

Gym Leaders:
J102ede- Electric (Subs: Zapdos, Rotom)
Mr. Butters-Fighting (Not ready)
Elite Four:

PKMN Trainer ??? - Unknown

* = Means your gym might be morphed with another one if the other says yes. Only two groups can be formed.

BTW, you will get an Pokemon Trainer Card once you sign up. The sign up form is this:

* = Required
*Friend Code:
*Days Your On:
*Pokemon in your team
White 2 FC: 0605-5451-6372