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    A year and 3 months. That is how long I have been traveling around Unova. I have defeated many trainers and all the champions. I now travel around with just my Braviary. Me and him have been through so much now. Soon I will have seen all 649 pokemon. The ones I have yet to see are Porygon,the Unknown,Regice,Registeel,Genosect,Keldeo and Meloetta. So close to finish the pokedex for Prof. Juniper. I have also managed to catch 632 of the pokemon I have seen thanks to tradeing with many trainers and just finding them in the wild. Soon I will finish the Battle Subway. I have managed to win the Single,Super Single,and Double matches so far. Only Super Double to defeat. But something has me at an uneased nervousness. I sense a change coming to the world and it is not a good one. I fear that Team Plasma may not have yet finished with their plans yet.

    Current Team:
    Braviary Lv 100.

    Trainer Card Progression.
    Defeated the Elite 4 more then once.
    Collected all Musical Goods.
    Obtained all Extralink Powers.
    3/4 done with Battle Subway
    Pokedex: Seen: 642 Caught: 632