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    Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
    Who knows? Black may be her actual hair colour, and she just dyed her hair to make it fit her actual title. Either way, her new design is quite beautiful, but as I said, if it's gonna get included in the anime, it may be a little weird to see her change so quickly. But then again, if one year hasn't even passed since Ash went on his journey, a lot of people have changed quite fast xD
    So can someone answer me how the Gym works in the anime for B/W? Are the 8 Gym Leaders in the B/W game in the Anime like they normally should be in past generations? If so, how does Homika and the others fit in? Did they actually make more than 8 gyms for Unova in the Anime?

    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post

    I simply ADORE Elesa's new look. I'm like... a huge fan of her. They actually made her a bit more sexier due to her dress. But still, I love her style, her hair, and her Pokemon.

    I'm still wondering about the change though...maybe it's been two years?
    Or they may just not include her new look in the Anime, just in B/W2? Who knows. Is Iris going to be the gym leader battle Ash will face in the end or no?

    I've finally updated the member's list. Letting everyone know that when B/W2 releases and when the Pokemon and Sprites release for each new Gym Leader, I will let everyone know when they can change Gym Leader's & Pokemon to their respectable choices.