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Well, the episodes with Homika hasn't come out yet, and I still do believe that the battle is set to be before she has become a gym leader, as it would make more sense with the timeline they are following now.

But, so far all the gyms has been like they were in B/W, and that's about all I know. I don't know anything about how the other gym leaders are gonna fit in, but there are only a few options I can think of.

One is that all of the Black and White 2 gym leaders actually already are gym leaders in the anime, which would make sense since we haven't seen Cheren yet, and since Homika is gonna be in an episode soon, but B2/W2 is set to be years after the events of B/W, which makes it much harder to make it all make sense, plus we still have the problem with Elesa.

Another option would be that everything will be changed at some point while they're in the region, with the Kyurem fusions and stuff, and the whole region getting surrounded by ice, but I think that would be better fit for a movie, and I can't quite see a reason why all the gym leaders should be replaced.

The last option i can think of, would be for the protagonists to return to the region a later time, where the B2/W2 gym leaders would be there instead of the B/W gym leaders, but that sounds like a lot of backtracking, and it wouldn't quite make sense either, with how the time moves in the Pokémon world, and how it just isn't worth it for the anime team to redo the whole region just because it has got new gym leaders.

So yeah, we'll just have to wait and see what happens, so who knows. All the B2/W2 events might happen in the anime really soon, or they might never happen at all.