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    As Summer started today in Unova,I managed to get a breeding headach. 21 eggs in 2 days hatched. This allowed me to obtain many pokemon. My poor Ditto my friend gave me from over seas in Johto has been in the Day-Care from Lv 10 to 100. I have managed to also finaly see and capture a Porygon thanks to breeding my Porygon2. Only Regice,Registeel,Meloetta,Genosect,Keldeo,and the Unknown to go. People say that Keldeo.Genosect,and Meloetta are impossible to see,but maybe soon. I am also almost ready to retry the Super Double Battlesubway. Gonna be a long long day when I try it.

    Later on in the day I got a D Unknown from my friend in Johto. Just Regice and Registeel to go.

    Current Team:
    Braviary Lv 100.

    Trainer Card Progression.
    Defeated the Elite 4 more then once.
    Collected all Musical Goods.
    Obtained all Extralink Powers.
    3/4 done with Battle Subway
    Pokedex: Seen: 644 Caught: 644