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    Tin tower and Whitney... I mean, god. For starters, no tower should ever be as convoluted as the one to Ho-Oh. All the more annoying is the fact you are constantly encountering Rattata while trying to figure out how to climb this behemoth. Whitney was just... impossible. I mean, her Miltank would just sweep my team if I didn't grind them to exceed it's level. More often than not you can beat a gym w/out being the same level by using type advantages, but for her, you didn't get ANYTHING strong against her (Except a Machop trade in Goldenrod I think), so you were forced to just try and overpower it, which was hard as **** since it's Def. stats are pretty high for a Pokemon that level, and also b/c it had Milk Drink. This battle used to just give me NIGHTMARES as a kid...
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