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    Hope you like this one, it was fun writing this XP. And hope you can all see I ran out of ideas and imaginations to the point i went desperate on a few things. Enjoy! Review if you want!

    Chapter 9 – More Plot Holes

    Somewhere in Fenton City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Tuesday, March, 9th, 3535. 1045 Hours

    Ditto and Machamp were completely knocked out, and snoring pretty loudly. Ditto was in the bathtub in the washroom; while Machamp was under his bed, the bed not even touching the floor due to the size of Machamp's body. The room was messy; with alcohol bottles littering the floor, as well as food crumbs and bags. Amazingly, no remains of puke were found.

    Soon after, Zoroark entered the room. He wasn't surprised at the state of the room, and slammed the door shut, waking up the two with a start. Zoroark smirked, and then shook his head in disappointment.

    "Damn…my head…" quietly moaned Ditto, crawling out of the tub before collapsing flat on the beer covered floor. Ditto began moving forward, kinda like a slug, very slowly.

    "What happened last night?" asked Machamp, pushing the bed off of him, struggling both to get onto his feet, and then stay there, knocking furniture over in the process.

    "No f*cking clue," replied Ditto, finally out of the washroom, trying to find more bottles to drink.

    "Never seen two Pokémon drink that much alcohol," answered Zoroark, sitting down on a rotating chair with his hands behind his head, stretching his long, muscular body.

    "How drunk were we?" Ditto asked, crawling into the bed. He aggressively dug his face under a pillow, trying to block everything out.

    Zoroark leaned back "Well Ditto, you were so drunk you made every single woman in that bar a sandwich. And Machamp you were so drunk you gave a mushroom to a midget then yelled, 'GROW MARIO GROW!' "

    "I'm hungry…" growled Machamp, rubbing his head to try and ease the building headache from one of the worse hangovers he'd ever had.

    "I wouldn't go through that way if I were you," sighed Zoroark, standing up and waiting for Ditto to get out of bed.

    Machamp opened the door, and the sunlight attacked his face. Blinded by the light, he walked forward anyway.

    "What's the matter…" he began to say, but was cut off due to the ground disappearing. As he fell into a ditch, five feet deep and the size of a house. He rolled for a few seconds until landing flat on his back, staring up into the sky.

    "Isn't this ironic…" he sighed, lifting his head to look around the ditch, "Why am I in a crater?"

    "I don't really know how to explain this... but last night Sudowoodo pissed off Garchomp, who then transformed into a green monster and smashed up half the city. I think he still is. Can someone tell me what happened to him?"

    Alakazam turned a corner of the building and walked towards Zoroark and Ditto. He had heard the question from a few feet away. He was busy focusing on his computer devise, but paused beside the two. Not giving them eye contact, he explained.

    "Mewtwo wanted more out of us, so he did another augmentation experiment; He was able to convince Garchomp to be the first specimen by promising Garchomp food before the experiment. But apparently scientists said he wasn't allowed to consume anything because of health precautions. So Garchomp got hungry, which made him pissed. And then while the experiment was in process, Garchomp's stomach told his brain to get mad. And from there the experiment went terribly wrong. The chemicals and gamma radiation from the equipment and substances in them attacked the exposed Garchomp. And ever since then, if Garchomp gets: extremely pissed, extremely hungry, or gets extremely pissed because he's extremely hungry. He'll turn into the monster you were talking about."

    "Other things that will piss him off even are: punching him in the face, starting a competition on who's bigger/stronger, and then trying to win, and lastly, calling him Garchomp, always call him Garu. It will piss him off if you ever do any of those things," he finished quickly, though he made sure to still thoroughly explain. He continued to walk to wherever he had been going. Lazily signaling a good bye, still not really paying attention to the two.

    "How do we calm him down then?" Zoroark yelled after him, but was completely ignored by Alakazam.

    "Put food into his mouth until he calms down. Make him laugh. Or let him smash sh*t until he is satisfied. But the last time we did that last option, it took a few weeks for him to turn back to normal," sluggishly answered Ditto, finally able to return to his semi-self.

    "But that's not our job; our job is to distract Garchomp. Until Mawile finds an opportunity to engage the thing," mumbled Ditto, stopping and waiting for the other two.

    "Wait, why Mawile?" Zoroark asked, finally noticing Machamp attempting to climb the walls of the ditch, and held out his hand for help.

    "Because those two got it in with each other," replied Machamp with a grunt, escaping from the ditch thanks to Zoroark help.

    The three continued to walk down the road to the mess hall. Some parts of the street were destroyed by Garchomp. They spotted Zangoose standing with a man. The man had long, silky, straight hair and was wearing bright, silver armor with a dark, hooded cloak. His stature was stiff and proud. No emotion on his face. His right hand was on the sword attached to his waist.

    Marching north beside them was a battalion of 200 of soldiers. They were all wearing the exact same armor as the person that was talking to Zangoose. But they had thin metal helmets on, with hoods on top. They were also holding a black and silver striped bow in one hand, with white feather arrows attached to their backs. They also had no emotion on their faces.

    "Who's Zangoose talking to? I'm guessing he's not an Earth soldier," asked Zoroark, staring at the troops marching.

    "Clearly, you didn't pay attention in training," sighed Machamp. Also watching the troops marching.

    "I left early remember. So I probably missed something," defended Zoroark.

    "Right…well they're what humans called elves…" explained Ditto, sitting on top of a crushed car, with his eyes closed.

    "Wait, the four foot, pointy eared midgets that work at Santa's sweat shops? Whom only exist in fairytales?" Zoroark replied, looking back at Ditto, confusion all over on his face.

    "No, I'm talking about the human size, long haired, pointy eared, emotionally depressed ones. And are complete *******s when they have a bow and sword in their hands," quickly corrected Machamp, deciding to walk towards the two.

    "Who would've thought? Fantasy creatures are actually other humanoid-alien races," scoffed Ditto, standing up and stretching his body.

    "Wait there's more?" Zoroark yelled, even more confused than he had been in the first place. Sounding like he found out he accidentally became a father.

    "Yup, there's like seventeen other alien races that are considered allies to us. Who do you think gave us the advance technology and sh*t?" laughed Ditto, putting his hands behind his head and slowly walking.

    "What the hell?" Zoroark said, stretching the words.

    "There's more though. Orcs and Uruks. Those bastards and don't even deserve to be described. More I think about it, even alive," growled Ditto, kicking small chunks of rocks and pebbles.


    Machamp and Zangoose made fell wells to the elf soldier and returned to the others. Machamp, hearing the question from a distance, replied, "Because we fought against them. Side by side with the other races, including the humans." He sounded slightly depressed about it, but quickly changed back to his regular attitude.

    Zoroark began to think as the four started to walk again, "Wait…I only heard the name of the event, but not the complete story. Are you talking about…The Alliance of the Free Races?" he quickly asked.

    The three didn't respond and an awkward, empty feeling descended upon the group. Until the three stopped in front of the mess hall. It was fairly large, looked like a school converted into a military building.

    "Yup…" quietly said Ditto.

    Zoroark examined the three. Their heads were down. It looked like they were grieving or remembering something best forgotten. Until they continued to walk into the mess hall.

    Zoroark was still curious, but couldn't decide whether or not to keep asking questions or not. The mess hall was busy. Many men were still in armor, looking like they were going to battle in matter of moments.

    The group reached a table; it had Sceptile and Alakazam at it. The two were drinking coffee and reading newspapers and reports. The group sat down for a small rest before getting food.

    "Sooooo…you guys going to explain…?" quietly asked Zoroark, looking at the faces of his fellow Loyal members.

    As Ditto had flinched a bit at the question. Alakazam and Sceptile squeezed their papers slightly, looked at each other and nodded. They both gave a sigh, settled their papers and continued to eat.

    "I'm confident you're attempting to bring up the Alliance…," Sceptile's eyes clouded a bit, "we dislike conversing about that war. Too much happened during those five days of constant fighting. We all lost many friends of all races. It brings us all sleep preventing memories and we've all carried memories of grief since…," Alakazam quietly replied, playing with his food. Ditto and Machamp had their hands folded, looking down at the ground. Zangoose had his eyes closed and arms crossed. While Sceptile was just staring at Zoroark with his hands folded in front of his face.

    The table became quiet, an unusual vibe to the group. Zoroark began to regret asking such dumb questions and looked down at the table. Sceptile continued to stare at Zoroark for a good thirty seconds, until deciding to break the silence.

    "In other words, Rookie, it belongs in the past and it will always stay there. Just wait until someone who fought in that war tells you it, cause we're not. Now changing subjects …has Mawile returned?"

    As soon he asked, Gengar phased through the floor and took a seat, joining the group with ease. "Naw bro. She's on black ops mode. She isn't sayin' sh*t," he replied.

    Soon after, Electivire, Pinsir, Sudowoodo, and Toxicroak joined as well. Each with a tray full of food on them. The four looked like hammered sh*t.

    "She'll come back alive…she always does…One simply cannot kill Mawile…Truth!...My head…" said Electivire, rubbing his tempos and slowly beginning to eat.

    "You four as well? Did everyone get drunk?" asked Machamp not sounding surprised.

    "Wow…I had such a blast partying with those guys, I think I got their numbers," screeched Toxicroak in his excitement of last night; he then continued munching on his food while holding an ice bag on his right cheek. Most likely got punched somehow. "How drunk were we?" he asked.

    Ditto and Machamp laid their eyes on Zoroark, who was just sitting there looking down, not saying a word. But did notice the two looking at him.

    "Well…Electivire was so drunk he began speaking English. Sudowoodo, you were so drunk, you pissed off Garchomp by taking his food away; making him turn big, green, and mean. And Toxicroak, you were so drunk you were constantly asking Blissey if she was single, getting yourself a fist to the face. But I need to think about Pinsir."

    "So that's why my face hurts so much…" Toxicroak quietly groaned, "But it was worth it, those guys were sooooo cute and adorable!" he screeched, and went back to eating. Zoroark was still confused about Toxicroak behavior, but continued to remember about Pinsir.

    "I can always speak English…It's just that it takes too much work to do so... And one simply cannot ask if Blissey is single…without receiving a fist to the face…" corrected Electivire.

    "Well…I was so drunk, I inhaled second hand smoke and claimed I stole every ones souls!" laughed Ditto.

    But Zoroark finally remembered what Pinsir had done, "No, you were so drunk you grabbed a stray cat from the streets, went under a street light, lifted into the air and started sing 'It's The Circle of Life'," he smirked.

    Pinsir then stopped laughing for a few seconds taking in air, then broke out laughing even harder the second time. He began tearing in the eyes, clapping his hands, and rocking on his chair. Until leaning back completely, he made a froggy-growling sound while holding his stomach. Sounding like he ran out of air. He then collapsed backwards, passing out due to lack of air.

    The group stopped and looked over at Pinsir. Then went back to their activities.

    "Ditto, give him mouth to mouth," ordered Sceptile, still reading.

    "Are you high? Or did also get drunk last night as well and are still drunk?" questioned Ditto, doing a brief double take at Pinsir and Sceptile.

    "That's an order," growled Sceptile.

    "Yup, balls to that order," huffed Ditto, crossing his arms.

    Zangoose stared at Ditto, when the two made eye contact. Ditto then began to shake, with fear in his eyes; he quickly went down to Pinsir and began to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

    "What just happened?" asked Zoroark, confused on what had just happened.

    "You down know?" asked Machamp.

    "Know what?"

    Soon after, a group of female soldiers entered the building with pens and papers, chatting, and looking for someone.

    "Yo Zangoose. More groupies, six o'clock," Gengar pointed out.

    When the chatter of the group got even louder, Zangoose got even more pissed. His calm act was gone and he tried to hold it in. But he decided to get up and walk towards the group, beginning to sign autographs.

    "Why do so much people idolize him anyway?" asked Zoroark, watching the commotion.

    "What? You never heard that Zangoose is, 'The Most Interesting Pokémon in the Galaxy'?" replied Alakazam, not paying any attention at all.

    "Wait, how interesting is he? Did he do anything amazing?"

    "Well…Zangoose is the reason why Ho-oh is still hiding," added Sceptile.

    "Zangoose doesn't flush the toilet; he scares the sh*t out of it," laughed Machamp, whacking his hand on the table.

    Ditto briefly stopped to catch some air and said "…Zangoose won the entire Galaxy Series of Poker…in one sitting…only using Pokémon cards…" he then hit Pinsir in the chest, hard. Bringing Pinsir back to consciousness.

    "Zangoose can disarm and defeat you just by staring into your soul!" Pinsir yelled, but passed out again after. Ditto, shocked, continued to give him CPR, beating Pinsir's chest again.

    "Okay that's bullsh*t," doubted Zoroark, not believing one thing they said.

    Gengar put a large grin on his face, grabbed a bottle, and disappeared. Reappearing behind Zangoose, he chucked it at a random soldier in the room. He then disappeared again and reappeared back in his seat, giggling about what was going to unfold.

    The bottle smashes into the troops head, shattering into pieces. The soldier leaped to his feet, very pissed, "What the f*ck? Who the f*ck threw that!" yelled the soldier, taking out his sword and looking in the direction of where the bottle was thrown from. He saw Zangoose and confronted him. The soldier grabbed Zangoose's shoulder and turned him around, "Hey, bud, did you throw this…" he stopped talking as he stared into the eyes of Zangoose. He was silenced, and then he started to tremble in fear. He dropped his sword, sharply turned around, and returned to his seat. While Zangoose only continued to watch.

    "Holy muk…" Zoroark said in total awe, "How did he get that title in the first place?"

    "People say Mewtwo was present when Zangoose was born, and that he gave Mewtwo a kick to the face, making him cry like a little b*tch. And some people say he was the one who put an arrow in Mewtwos knee," explained Machamp, who was half asleep.

    A few moments later the whole building jumped. Shaking things, dropping few portraits, and shattering glass.

    "What was that?" asked Zoroark.

    "I did not fart this time…" added Sudowoodo

    Soon after, Bibarel smashed through the front door, crashing through a few feet of tables, chairs, and glass until he was quickly and suddenly stopped by a wall. "Ouch. That son of a b*tch…" growled Bibarel, attempting to stand again. As he was able to properly stand on his feet, his Kanabo also flew through the large gap he had created and collided into Bibarel's chest, smacking him back into the wall. He finally passed out on the floor.

    Gengar teleported over Bibarel's body, and yelled, "You got knocked the f*ck out!" into his face.

    Everyone scrambled while the team stared at the gap, until a loud roar echoed throughout the building, waking up Pinsir, who punched Ditto by accident.

    "What the hell!" Pinsir yelled, "Please tell me no one kissed me."

    The team rushed for the large hole, except for: Zangoose, Gengar, Toxicroak, and Alakazam, who continued to eat their table. Pinsir and Ditto also did nothing. What the rest of the team saw, was Garchomp.

    He was 8 foot, very big, and muscular. His skin color was green, and he was very, very pissed. Smashing military vehicles and buildings.

    "Gabu smash!" Garchomp yelled, grabbing a tank by its barrel and threw it miles into the air.

    The team didn't really look impressed or scared. Just standing there waiting for Sceptile's orders. So he gave some, "Alright Loyals, lets calm Garchomp down…" before he was able to say anymore, the tank landed, smashing onto Sceptile. "Oh sh*t!" they all yelled in total shock, scrambling to find cover.

    Sudowoodo was behind Garchomp when he stepped out into the open, stomping on the ground to launch a car sized rock in to the air so he could punch it, hurdling it towards Garchomp, smashing it into the back of his head. It didn't do much of anything, other than piss him off even more. Garchomp turned around, making eye contact with Sudowoodo.

    "Garu smash little twig man!" he yelled, beginning to run towards Sudowoodo.

    "Wait, wow, why me!" cried Sudowoodo, dashing into the neighborhood closest to him. Trying to lose Garchomp.

    "Because you're the one who pissed him off in the first place!" yelled Babey, from his wrist computer.

    "Left! Right! Zig-zag, through the neighborhood!" yelled Babey, giving him orders. Sudowoodo kept on taking tight turns through and between buildings. He then slows down, thinking it was safe. He peered out from his hiding spot just in time for Garchomp to bust through a wall right in front of him. Sudowoodo let out a girlish scream and continued to run away.

    "It's not working! He's just smashing through the buildings!" yelled Sudowoodo, continuing to cut turns.

    "Left again!" yelled Babey, with confidence in her tone of voice. Sudowoodo followed her orders and took a left at the next corner. But ran straight into a wall and collapsed to the ground.

    "Ouch..." he mumbled, remaining on the ground.

    Garchomp, on the other hand, ran right past Sudowoodo, but saw him from the corner of his eyes. Garchomp tried to turn around, but slipped on some ice that had somehow spawned under his feet. But Garchomp got up with ease and continued to stomp towards Sudowoodo. But was stopped by a bone to the forehead. It bounced off, doing zero damage and returned to Mazda's hands. Mazda was on top of a building, staring into the eyes of the beast, he pressed his ear piece radio.

    "Got his attention. What the hell is step two again?" he asked, clueless on his actions.

    Infernape, Pidgeot, and Frosty came out of the buildings and ambushed Garchomp. Attacking his head, back and hamstrings. Attempting to bring him down without weapons. Trying not to hurt him, much.

    "Attack!" yelled Infernape, giving constant hits to Garchomp's head, but received a back-head-butt to the body, and was knocked off, slamming onto the ground.

    Frosty was attacking Garchomp's knees, punching them as hard as he can, "Garu! Chill down!" he yelled, but received a back-hand, and was smashed into a parked car. Knocking Frosty out.

    As Pidgeot was able to swing back to attack Garchomp again. Garchomp quickly snatched Pidgeot in midair and brought him to eye level, growling in anger.

    "Hmmm, Garu eat chicken," growled Garchomp, licking his lips, and stuck Pidgeot into his mouth.

    "No! No eat! I'm no chicken, I'm an eagle, falcon, a bird of prey!" Pidgeot yelled, Struggling to get out of Garchomp's grasp.

    Garchomp then decided not to eat, and stared at Pidgeot, his stare slowly turning into a glare, "Garu change mind, parrot talks to much," he growled.

    "Parrot? That's it, you did not just call me a…" before Pidgeot was able to continue speaking, Garchomp threw him through a window and into a building. Garchomp then went back to walking towards Sudowoodo, who was still lying down on the ground.

    "Parrot talk too much again," Garu snuffed. Standing over Sudowoodo's body.

    As he was about to grab Sudowoodo, Mazda attacked from above, but was quickly grabbed by Garchomp.

    "Choke slam!" he yelled, rapidly slamming Mazda into the hard, solid cement floor. Soon after, Machamp and Electivire turned a corner and saw them. They charged towards them, unarmed as well.

    "There he is! Electivire tell him to calm down in pissed off!" Machamp pointed and yelled.

    "Ummm…BLARRRGGG!" yelled Electivire, using a thunderbolt on Garchomp, it didn't do much, but piss him off even more.

    Garchomp then chucked Mazda, who crashed into Electivire, then into a building, where they both disappeared. Machamp then charged, shouting out a mighty battle roar.

    "Bring it Garu!"

    Garchomp accepted the challenge, and slammed his fist upon Machamp. Machamp managed to block it, with a show of struggle in his body. Leaving the two in a standoff with each other.

    "Calm…your…tits…Garu," growled Machamp, attempting to lift Garchomp's fists.

    "Garu stronger than four arm man!" he growled back.

    "No you're not!" yelled Machamp, pushing Garchomp's fists up, then giving him an upper cut with two of his fists.

    "You just pissed it off even more!" yelled Sudowoodo, still lying down on the ground.

    "Oh sh*t…I forgot," realized Machamp, slowly walking away.

    But Garchomp's attention was still on Sudowoodo, and he slowly began walk towards him again. "Stick man still alive!" he yelled.

    "Come back here."

    But Garchomp quickly turned around and slammed his fist down on Machamp, planting him into the concrete. Soon after, Zoroark jumped off a building and on top on Garchomp back, punching his neck multiple times. Garchomp was just able to swat Zoroark off his back. When he was suddenly hit in the face by a fruit. Looking towards the direction from where it came from.

    It was Ditto, and he was juggling four other apples, "Hey Gabu, get some!" he yelled, beginning to run.

    Garchomp gave a mighty roar and then chased Ditto. Garchomp jumped onto the building that Ditto was on. As he landed on the building and began to run, he received a fist to the face, so hard, it knocked him to the floor, where he actually stayed for a few seconds.

    Blissey was the one who threw the punch. She had a smirk on her face, cracking her knuckles, ready for more punching. Walking towards Garchomp. But he quickly got up and attempted to punch Blissey, but she dodged, starting to yell at him.

    "What you going to do now? I'm here. You can't do sh*t against me!" she yelled, her vain popping out visibly in her forehead, slowly turning bright red.

    "Garu…" he quietly replied.

    "Garu what?" she questioned him, pushing him away towards the edge of the building, "I'm your master, and you're my b*tch. Do something!"

    "Grrr…Garu smash b*tch!" he roared, getting into position to strike a final blow. But was stopped. An apple was thrown and entered Garchomp's mouth, who then began eating.


    Zangoose, Pinsir, Ditto, Toxicroak, Gengar, and Alakazam were sitting on a wall, eating, and throwing food at Garchomp, affectingly calming him down. And soon, he slowly turned back to the regular Garchomp, eating everything in his path. Garchomp was sitting in a crater, happily eating fruit that was being tossed at him by the others.

    "Alright guys, good job. We did it!" clapped Alakazam, who quickly went back to reading the newspaper

    The rest looked at Alakazam.

    "b*tch please, you didn't do jack sh*t!" yelled Gengar.

    "Neither did you," replied Alakazam, putting a smirk on his face, not really caring at all.

    Soon after, the team resembled on the roof. Where Sceptile and Bibarel were carrying multiple boxes, making them the last to arrive. Sceptile looked like hammered sh*t. He was slightly slouching with one of his hands on his back.

    "What happen to you? You look like muk…Did you get drunk last night as well?" question Blissey, beginning to laugh his pain.

    "Yeah, I got drunk, then, somehow, a tank landed on top of me," snared Sceptile, giving her a pissed off look, "I'm too old for this sh*t," he continued.

    "Ha grandpa!" yelled Ditto, laughing

    "Suck a dick, Ditto! …Young people these days have no respect for the old."

    A brief silent entered the group, until Bibarel threw the boxes full of alcohol bottles and food in the middle of them. It had the strongest alcohol drinks in it.

    "Loyals…" said Sceptile, sitting on a rock slouching over, beginning to rest. "For today, f*ck everything, and drink right now. We all need it after what happened this morning."

    The team was thrown off on what Sceptile just said, because he would never say that. They then watch Sceptile open a bottle then chugged the entire thing down, wiping his mouth and looking back at the others. He felt awkward, and quickly chucked the empty bottle at Garchomp's hand, knocking the food out of it "Get drunk, or Garu comes back!" Sceptile yelled, with a slight smirk on his face. The whole team then did a small double take at Garchomp, who was slowly picking up his fruit from the floor and the boxes of booze. But they quickly rushed for the boxes, beginning to drink and taking out snacks from other boxes.

    Sceptile then got up and walked towards the edge of the building, looking at the sight of the nearly half destroyed city block. He then pressed his ear piece radio and spoke.

    "Commander Poliwrath…"

    "Did you do the favor I asked you to do?"

    He looked back at the team. They were laughing and enjoying with each other. Taking shots and eating. They looked happy.

    "It took an entire destroyed city block, and a tank landing on me…but yeah, they're relaxing."

    "Good. I want them to have actually have fun and peace before going back out."

    "Yeah…it's been awhile since you told us to do this."

    "It may be the last, because in a few days this war is going to get worse for us Argos," heavy explosion sounds could be heard in the background of Poliwrath's radio, sounding like a battle was raging.

    "Wait…Commander where are you?" Sceptile asked.

    "I'm with the other Commanders, on a mission."

    "Wait, wow. Something bad happened, I guess."

    "You don't want to know…anyway, Sceptile, get drinking."

    "Is that an order?"

    "You decide…I'll be with the team shortly. And thanks. Poliwrath out."

    The line goes flat. And Sceptile put a smirk on his face. Turning around, he joined the rest of team, starting to drink as well.

    Chapter 10 – War Shifting - Part 1 – Run!
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