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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post

Actually Mar is Spanish for Sea, Playa is beach.
Marr is a good name though ^_^ (and reminds me of swampert now xD)
Gertrude would be funny, it sound so grown up for her xD Though considering her father wants to be an actor and Gertrude is a name from a certain play (Hamlet) it might happen ;)
Originally Posted by Bluerang1 View Post
Hilda... oh wait.

But great idea! She could be Gertrude, Marianna, Elizabeth. But she'd probably funk up the names like Trudi, Mari and Lexi. I'm pretty sure she'd do something like that and her dad will call her by her full name ^^

Marr! For Shizui. I can see this one being his name. Mar in Spanish is sea while Marr is an actual name (German for swamp).

Gertrude is one of the worst names ever imo and she would suddenly lose her appeal so much she needs something a little less insane. :( I do like Lexi for her though!

(No offense if someone is named Gertrude I just really dislike that name I'm sorry XD;)

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