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Birch Enclave

The fact that the Linoone sighed made the Weavile think if he was disappointed because she was late. He probably was but decided not to make a big deal out of it. Just like how a leader should. A small smile appeared on her face, but whether it was because she looks up to Damon for being an excellent ruler or she was spared from being scolded, only she would know.

The curved sides of her lips began to return to being straight as soon as the Linoone started to tell them the plan. Cherry merely shook her head in annoyance as well as worry after she heard what their leader said. So everything came to this. She was partially blaming herself for being unable to protect the ones that were attacked, but she knew that now isn't the time to mourn over their losses; she will, however, pray for the peace of their souls when she gets the chance to do so. She was ready to fight for them and for the rest of her allies, with her motivation being the hope -- inside her heart -- to settle everything once and for all... then maybe she'd finally reunite with her parents, assuming they're still alive. No... not now. Of course, the Weavile needed to follow the order of Damon, so she'd either have to talk her way out of things or wait for the moment wherein only the clashing of claws or whatever weapons would be able to serve as a means of communication. Then again, their current mission was to simply rescue survivors, thus it's probably best if she avoids eye detection for now and save whoever she can.

There were no objections in her head, so Cherry remained quiet even after the question was raised.

“I'll be around if anyone needed to be healed. I am well equipped with material to create as many medicines as I can.”

The voice of a different Pokemon got her attention and the Mechanists' Infiltrator turned her head to the direction from where she heard it. It turned out that the Leavanny who spoke was just a few seats from her... not that she was sitting on one, but that's how she measured the distance. Cherry, this time, nodded to herself, thankful for having medics -- they sure would help a lot. She wondered if there would still be anyone who'd utter a suggestion, objection, or anything that they have to say. Somehow curious, she waited to see how this meeting would end. Hopefully, though, they wouldn't take long -- they needed to proceed to the search as soon as possible.
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