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Neela-Fa, Belda (Outside)

With her tools safely concealed and the man's head bound in a cloth bag at her hip, the Argonian female made her way through the ruins, keeping an eye out for ancient traps or hidden rooms filled with treasure. She was not a kleptomaniac at heart, otherwise she would have trained to be a thief, but it was always nice to have something that was worth enough to pay for a warm bed and a hearty meal - though anything too fancy she would stash elsewhere, lest she draw attention to herself by selling a rare artifact. Merchants had silver tongues which were also considerably loose.

The sun greeted her, temporarily hindering her eyesight. It had been dark when she'd approached Belda and the light levels inside the ruin were not as bright as daylight itself. As far as she could remember, her client had told her he would be around the ruin - but not too close - at a camp just outside Cheydinhal between the hours of nine o'clock and midnight, leaving her to suspect that he was a vampire. Of course, there were other factors that could explain the arrangement, but she wanted to prepare herself for the worst. After all, just because he was his client didn't exempt him from other assassination missions. Occasionally she had been targeted via this very method and almost lost a chunk of her tail during one encounter.

Now, what to do while she waited for the light to dwindle again? She was fairly hungry, maybe a camp of her own would be a good idea. There was no point in returning to the city before setting out again, not if she wanted the guards to discover the head in the bag (or regard her bloodied appearance with scrutiny). No, there was a lake just to the north of the meeting point, and she would head there.

Lake Arrius

She sank down by the lakeside, instantly removing her boots and dipping her feet into the cool pool before her. Her hunger still persisted, but was temporarily forgotten by the sensation of cleanliness and water moving against her scales. Neela-fa removed the head and put it somewhere she could see at all times, and then proceeded to strip down to her undergarments. She waded farther into the lake until the water came up to her breasts, then submerged her shoulders. Her eyes closed for a brief moment or so, then one suddenly flitted open. Good, her belongings were still safe. She had to be wary of the caverns nearby, even if they had been cleared out years before.
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