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    Originally Posted by The Broken Chipset View Post
    This is a great Silver ROM hack. Better than the original!

    Now on to quotes (in spoiler).


    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    So, I finally finished the beta!

    Here is my final feedback!

    #14 Shop again

    The audio from the shop is still missing!
    Good point!

    I was lazy to fix that then and should really do something about it. In Beta 3, there will be music after Team Darkness has left.

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    Woooooh, that was one hell of a beta!

    I expect even more from the next one!
    Thanks !
    And you won't be disappointed when you get to play Beta 3

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    #17 Companions

    And I'm referring to Eevee and Oscar, especially Oscar!

    We finished the 4th gym and our companions didn't have that much screen time!

    Even Oscar didn't get to do anything else other than carry me to the lab so I could rest after the fight with the Darkness Captain!

    I assume Eevee never gonna appear again but Oscar really needs more screen time!
    Another valid point.

    I don't think Eevee will be seen that much until the end of the hack where there should be a special event for it. About Oscar though, he makes a small (very) comeback in a scene in one of the cities accessable in Beta 3. I really should make him come out more often but it always takes a lot of scripting (which is the minor problem with this) but the major problem would be the fact, it's hard to think of a good reason for him to show up. It would be pointless (and probably annoying too) if he showed up in almost every little cutscene where he wouldn't be needed.

    However, there is one storyline related scene in the game where he'll play a major role (further ahead, Beta 4 or 5 ???). It's also possible that I'll input an assembly code for the team to split apart so you may also be able to control him at some part of the hack (I may not be able to do it yet but it's far from impossible (and I'd say KBM could do it)).

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    #18 custom stuff

    Custom music, custom sprites, maybe pokemon from other generations, heck even fakemon, etc.

    I remember you saying that you are not going to add any new pokemon, I really hope you change your mind but for now I'm gonna pass that!

    I know that you don't like sprites that serve no purpose but custom sprites really add some uniqueness and freshness to a hack!

    Of course, there is some recoloring and we do have the sprite of the protagonist but there is nothing else!

    Think about this!

    Speaking about sprites, since the name of the rival is Ronald you might wanna use the sprite of Ronald from the Pokemon: Trading Card Game

    Oh, and yeah we do need some custom music!
    Custom graphics, sprites and especially music (it would be awesome if the "upper-class" of Team Darkness had their own battle-theme) would be a fantastic add-on (if work was done properly of course).

    These things are something that I can't do myself though so I'd need to get someone to do the job for me. I didn't even draw player's ow myself as I'm very bad at spriting. About custom graphics though, I can say for certain that there are two new battle sprites to be seen in Beta 3.

    About adding pokemon from newer gens, I think the biggest obstacle about doing it would be the fact I'd have to re-colour them first (and I don't really like doing this kind of stuff). Even editing wild pokemon and trainers can be annoying sometimes (although it has to be done). Same thing with editing random people in towns who say something that may not even be really game-related. Anyway, I like most 3rd gen pokemon too (and some of further gens too) but I wouldn't want to remove many from 2nd gen either. Probably ones like Qwilfish and Smeargle (Smeargle is cool but does somebody really use it ?) could go so I could add new ones because in theory (not really because KBM has created one for adding 256 more pokemon into GSC) only one new pokemon can be added to the game without replacing any of the existing 251 (+ egg) (not going to explain why it's so but still).

    About Roland not having a new overworld sprite, I think it's cool that he looks like any normal camper and can easily confuse you with one :D
    You will confuse him at first with any other camper when you meet him in Beta 3 as well
    One thing I implemented for him is custom battle music that differs from other campers though (which won't be anything more special than rival's theme from GSC)

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    #19 ???

    And now, for some bloopers!

    OMG, Oscar turned evil!



    Guess I'm gonna need the De-Stone after all!

    You got to the Sprout Tower from North Star (through "unterable" warp) right ? North Star was originally based on that building (believe it or not) and I thought of having that room of it as the "hidden" part of the cave but I believe I've already used it for another map. In Beta 3, you still won't be able to get to that room and that warp won't lead anywhere either (unlike in this situation).

    Another "walk through walls" cheat, item from [insert name of Area here] ? By the way, even 4 of those Pages can be obtained in Beta 3 (including the one I assume you got).

    One thing you didn't tell about (so I thought you didn't find it either).


    Did you find the hidden Diglett event in Mt. Lima ? It's there almost next to the gentleman close to the Area 105 exit. More accurately, go standing in front of the gentleman. Walk 3 steps left, 2 up, 2 left, 1 up and click A in front of the "hole" you should see on the left side of you.


    You might meet a certain bird this way in Beta 3 as well...
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