Thread: B2/W2: [Spoiler]A New Unova
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New areas have already been revealed, like the what'sit'sname's town Hilda and the other guy live in. Akuroma has been revealed so I'm assuming he has a lab. But what other areas BW2 have to offer?

I thought it would be nice if there was a lab somewhere with um... sciency pokemon, maybe appearing like in a cave. Pokemon like Solosis or Duosion. Maybe even Porygon. There would be stuff like potions and magmarizers/electrizers, maybe even a Up-grade or Dubious Disk. Maybe they are saving the Dubious Disk in P2 Lab. I have no idea how this would fit in the story. Who knows? Maybe even a P3 Lab. But like I said before, who knows what new areas BW2 have to offer? (whew)