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Dar' Kovu

Dar' Kovu jumped up from his sleep, someone was banging on the door. He grabbed his dagger and walked over to the door.

"Who's there?" He yelled through the door cautiously.

"I uhh, hear you're who to talk about... umm... taking care of... troublesome people." A voice said, just loud enough to be heard though the door.

Dar' Kovu readied the dagger and opened the door. He wasn't going to pass up work. He grabbed the mans shirt and pulled him into the room, then slammed and locked the door.

"It depends who you want me to kill, I don't kill just anyone anymore." Dar' Kovu responded, still holding the dagger firm.

"He's a slave trader from Morrowind. He is hiding in somewhere in the providence. I Don't know where that is, but a Imperial named Leonde Lioria does, he is in the Imperial city. I can meet you in Cheydinhal when you have killed him with 1500 coins." The man said.

Dar' Kovu shook hands with this mysterious civillian and said "I'll see you in Cheydinhal then." He walked over to the door and unlocked it. The man left and Dar' Kovu went back to sleep.

5 Hours Later

Dar' Kovu yawned as he got out of bed and went out to the tavern. He bought a sweetroll and ate it, without three thugs jumping him too. He walked back to his room and dressed up in his armor, as well as sheathed his sword on his side. He put his dagger in his bag. He walked out of the room, and out of the inn. He headed for the Imperial city.

He walked along the Golden Road towards The Imperial City. He passed by several merchants, travelers, and Adventurers. Dar' Kovu walked along the road, perfectly normal. He got some weird looks from the people passing him, but other than that no one bothered him as he walked along.
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