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    I recently started playing through Pokémon Crystal again! I just got done with the "red Gyarados" scenario and this is my team so far:

    Feraligatr @ L31
    Scratch | Bite | Surf | Rage

    Pidgeotto @ L29
    Tackle | Quick Attack | Sand-Attack | Gust

    Graveler @ L30 (Quick Claw)
    Rock Throw | Magnitude | Fire Punch | Selfdestruct

    Kadabra @ L32
    Confusion | Psybeam | Shadow Ball | Recover

    Scyther @ L28
    Quick Attack | False Swipe | Headbutt | Persuit

    I'm quite happy with this playthrough actually, since I found a shiny Abra. My Kadabra sparklez!
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