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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
She has a bit of a back story in the manga people! Why you ignore me! Shes definitely more prominent in the manga then any other pokemon related thing.

I personally think its cool how she takes on the gym when her father gets promoted, shows a lot of dedication to her family. We could nearly look at her as a member of the club as she surely trained under Koga when he was a gym leader!

Also I think the reason shes not in the anime is because they always reset it meaning basically no time ever seems to pass in the pokemon world so Koga would probably still be the gym leader of Fuschia City in that timeline?
She has? I've only ever read a small part of the manga, and that was only in the Kanto part of the story. Sorry I didn't notice.

And yeah, that is quite some dedication they are showing there. Though it kinda makes me wonder, how are gym leaders even selected to be gym leaders. I mean, is it like the previous gym leader gives some candidates to whoever is in control of the league team, and let them decide on a fitting gym leader to further occupy the gym? Maybe that's worth making a topic on?

And yeah, you're probably right. One of the must confusing things about the Pokémon anime is how in the world they make sense out of making almost every episode a new day in the journey, which is well over 700 episodes by now. That would be close to two years in the real world, including the episodes that take off from the previous ones.