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A lot of you probably don't remember / know who I am, but I thought I'd see if PC has a LoL thread regardless, just in case. ;p I've been playing League of Legends for a few months now; it's pretty much the main way I spend my online time these days. I main support (Sona, Lulu, Taric, I can play Soraka but hate doing so because she's boring to me, learning some others like Leona), learning to AD carry and play some mid/top champions, but tbh I just obsessively love to play Sona and Lulu, so if you invite me to a normal and I'm available to play that's most likely what I'll want to do... (Hell, I'll dunk bots with people though -- sometimes I'm tired and feel like destroying something but don't want to deal with all the dramas associated with pvp queueing haha... I hate blind pick and draft still means trying my luck with the LoL community...) If anyone here remembers me and wants to add me even if just to say hi (keeping in mind I leave LoL open 24/7 so I'm often afk when people message me ;___;!), I'm jumpluffers on the NA server. <3 Add me and tell me who you are if your summoner name isn't something I'll recognise immediately? ^__^ Keep in mind I'm immensely nosy and will probably spectate all your games =p

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