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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post

Fyi, trundle is the cutest yordle in the entire game.

I bought some new characters: Karthus, Nidalee and Wukong. Nidalee is just fun as hell especially going what I've heard as her "ubernuke" build, which is just AP to one-shot squishy characters with her spear. Although I tried going her as an AD bruiser sort of character by this guide I was following roughly, and went 14/0 on my first try. :D

Karthus is just insanely powerful. Even though I've only played two games with him, I've been fed in both games and was just wow. Although that could be to the fact that I was up against an Alistar in mid because they had no ranged, but I'm not complaining. Went 29/8 in that game.

I suck at Wukong, period.
Did anyone complain about kill securing stealing?
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