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Update No.2

-Started from Azalea Town
-Mystery Egg hatched into Togepi
-Defeated Twins Amy&Mimi's Illumise, Volbeat, Beautifly and Dustox
-Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp
-Deposited Marshtomp, Togepi and Slowking into the PC
-Pidgeotto learned Twister

-Challenged Gym Leader Bugsy
-Pluck OHKO Butterfree
-Pluck OHKO Yanma
-Pidgeotto learned Featherdance
-Pluck OHKO Beedrill
-Two hits of Pluck and down goes Scyther
-Pluck OHKO Heracross
-Two Pluck attacks and goodbye Pinsir
-Gym Leader Bugsy was defeated

-Got Hive Badge and TM89 U-turn
-Registered Bugsy in the PG
-Pidgeotto learned U-turn

-Challenged by Rival Duskmon
-2 Pluck attacks and Murkrow was defeated
-2 Pluck attacks and 1 Bite attack and goodbye Quilava
-Umbreon learned Quick Attack
-Bite OHKO Gastly
-2 Pursuits and down goes Kadabra
-Rival Duskmon was defeated

-Arrived in Ilex Forest
-Gave Umbreon EXP. Share
-Obtained HM01 Cut
-Umbreon learned Cut
-Found a familiar Trainer in Ilex Forest
-Apparently said Trainer was doing something unmentionable with her Ivysaur and bribed me with TM86 Grass Knot
-Found path to Route 34 and Goldenrod City blocked by the Mystery Trainer (NB: This is what I'm going to keep calling this Trainer until someone accurately guesses who the Trainer is) from Mr. Pokemon's house
-Mystery Trainer gave me an Odd Keystone
-Defeated Gentleman Samuel and Socialite Brandon's team of Electrike, Snubbull, Spoink and Cranidos
-Defeated Picknicker Gina's team of Hoppip, Ivysaur and Skiploom then registered her in the PG
-Registered Childhood Friend Lyra in the PG
-Registered the Day-Care Man and the Day-Care Lady in the PG (I don't understand why they would need two PokeGears)
-Arrived in Goldenrod City
-Obtained the Root, Claw, Helix, Dome, Armor and Skull Fossils
-Revived Kabuto from Dome Fossil
-Obtained TM08 Bulk Up and TM04 Calm Mind
-Obtained Chimchar from wierd guy in Goldenrod Pokemon Center
-Obtained the Blue Card (what am I going to use it for? I mean its not like I can use it to digivolve Kyubimon into Taomon or Growlmon into WarGrowlmon or Gargomon into Rapidmon )
-Obtained Radio Card
-Gave EXP. Share to Chimchar
-Chimchar evolved into Monferno
-Saved progress for now

Next time I will be showing my current team and challenging Gym Leader Whitney.
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