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Welcome to La Foret!!

Please make sure to look through both mine, falling wishes and dyenguards trade thread's, we have something for everyone and are willing to help in any way possible, make sure you check out the rules and follow them to the book, and please enjoy trading!

Rules and Regulations
1. Don't trade me hacked Pokemon.
2. If I accidentally trade you a hacked Pokemon, notify me.
3. Be respectful to me and everyone else in this thread.
4. Be patient. Don't bother me when I'm trading with someone else.
5. Don't keep me waiting on Wi-Fi. I will only wait 10 minutes.
6. Please make sure to specify with whom you want to trade.
7. I dont do 2 for 1 trades so dont ask.
8. FallingWishes and I are usually quite busy, so if you notice we are in a trade please wait.

Trophy Case

Duskull lv. 1
OT:Luis | ID: 54624
Nature: Impish
Ability: Levitate
IV's: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31 Dark: 70
EV's: Not trained
Moves: Leer, Nightshade, Grudge, Pain Split
Non redis

Trainer Information
3139 2319 9295

» Any Dream World Pokemon I don't have
» Event Pokemon I don't have (10ANIV)
» Shiny Pokemon
» EV Trained Pokemon
» Flawless Pokemon
» Major Want: RNG'd Pokemon

Recommended Shops

RNC's Pokepalace

RNC: Great trader and very patient with people.
Mac of York: Helped me with a bunch of problems that I had.
TwilightBlade: Added the CSS.

Nobody yet.

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