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From a few posts back:
Originally Posted by Jacinth View Post
While we're talking about episodes, what is your favorite episode from ATLA and LOK so far?
For the first series, I'd go with The Crossroads of Destiny for just ending probably the best book of the three with a bang. Katara and Zuko's interactions, Aang teaming up with Iroh, the old man and Azula being badass in general, twists here and there, I could just go on. I love that episode to bits, it started well, it ended very emotionally and just packed a lot of action scenes and bending that we all love.

For Korra, it has to be the most recent one, When Extremes Meet. Not saying why, but it was just a throwback to the badass antics of the original series when the whole team proves how epic they are in battle. All that coupled with twists, mystery and villainy, oh and less pro-bending. Don't get me wrong, I liked the sport, just not as much as regular bending fights. And speaking of regular bending fights, there's a whole lot in this episode, which is why I liked it so much.

As for the current discussion, favourite hybrids would be the badgermoles. They're really cool because they can Earthbend, and seemed docile in Toph's flashback. I'd like to pet one. Polar bear dogs come at a close second, though. For animals unique to the series, I simply love Appa, and flying bison in general.

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