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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Yeah. Mine just goes into the game. There's a regional difference right there. I'll add that to the OP.

On another note, I took a look at the RAM, and I've identified the use of some offsets

Offset - Purpose
02000010 to 02000014 - Timer? (Goes up by one each frame)
02000018 to 0200001C - Key state

> 0000FC00 - Nothing
> 0000FC01 - A button
> 0000FC02 - B button
> 0000FC04 - Select
> 0000FC08 - Start
> 0000FC20 - Left
> 0000FC10 - Right
> 0000FC40 - Up
> 0000FC80 - Down
> 0000FD00 - R button
> 0000FE00 - L button

020001CC to 020001D0 - Another timer?
02000E54 to 02000E5B - Player's sprite frame
02000E5C to 02000E60 - Altitude of player. Signed integer.

For example, if the player is jumping, and his altitude is 23A, it would look like this: 0000023A.
However, if the A button is being pressed, if would look like this: FFFFF23A.

This because when it is filled with F's instead of 0's, it is negative (it's a signed integer).
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