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Originally Posted by Falling Wishes View Post
I can't do it right this week, remember I'm gone from my house and I don't have my laptop, and sure I can do that, I also have your DW Shuppet ready and your Shiny Axew, if you want to trade now could you clone the shiny axew and give one to me?
So, DW Shuppet for trash, Shiny Axew for trash, treecko for clone shiny axew.
It shouldn't take long.
Ok sure! just let me know when your ready! and i can wait for the treeko!

Originally Posted by cassiopeia View Post
Hey I'm very interested in the DWF Taillow that you have.

I have a bunch of UT Drought Vulpix w/Hypnosis available, as well as a DW Male Mightyena and a DW Male Taillow.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks!
Sure we can make the trade, but do you have any female DW's?

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