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    Originally Posted by Kenmoor View Post
    What, hate on the protagonist noobs of this generation?! Is it the spiky hair? The extravagantly long side ponytails? The eccentric hats? The puffball hair? The weird monkey *** backpacks/purse thing? Ah, whatever.

    If this trailer is dubbed, then I wonder how us Westerners will react to this. The only cool Pokemon commercials I've been seeing are the ones for the TCG (the weird cards that I've stopped collecting since... I was little... oh gawd memories!) and those haven't appeared in a while. It will (agreeing w/Hikari10, Kaori, Requility, whoever) bring people's attention to Pokemon but the storm might last for a month or so. Us hardcoreders (?) will last forever. Still, it be nice for the Japs' commercials to be dubbed and sent, uncensored, to here. I know i'd boost someone's pay in the Pokemon U.S. Branch's if the commercials are brought here.
    Whoever dubs them, hopefully, has to have a good American accent.
    if it is brought here, i just hope their not lazy and use Ash's voice for the main character (oh god...nightmares)

    it would be awesome if Funimation got their hands on it, or any other professional dubbing company, you know, people that actually dedicate themselves as a company to dub anime.

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