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Hello there everybody. I am Fblaster, spriter in a massive Pokemon project going on for a few years already.
This project was originally a Pokemon MMORPG, a massive one. Right now it's shaping up to be more of a massive pokemon game tribute, with lots of Nintendo original regions revamped, with online conectivity enabled.
My part here is finding talented spriters who might be interested in contributing towards our sprites database. We have hundreds and hundreds of custom made sprites of almost all the characters in the pokemon universe, from games, to anime, manga, tcg, etc...
For sprite theft reasons, I can't post much examples of our work here, but I'll leave an example of how our art looks and feels:

In case you're interested in taking part on easily the biggest and to date most complete pokemon spriting project, please feel free to leave a message and contact me. I'll then proceed to forward applicants to the team's heads.

In case you're interested in more information about the game itself, search for "pkmnonline" in google (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link sites here), it's the first site on the list.
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