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Originally Posted by xRealMisakiTakahashi View Post
I love this game, amazing graphics, and really fun to play with. So far I got no problems with this hack for myself. I feel like you should have won the hack of the year award, and got 1st place instead of second place!!!
My friend... if you had played the Life of Guardians you would have known that unfortunately LP had no chance to win
But it may win the next year

Originally Posted by Dennisaur View Post
I decided to keep training my pokemon after the teamsteam cutscene and when i try to return to fight those it's it has the same people from the cutscene standing around. I tried putting on the uniform, but nothing happens , I can't talk to anyone and it sucks!!! Help me!!! Now I can't figt the 8th gym leaddduhh
I have no idea what the problem is so can you explain it again preferably with screenshots?
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