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    Damon Malruth
    Birch Enclave

    As Damon looked over the gathered soldiers he saw most of them had on brave faces, but some were looking scared as well. This time... he wasn't letting them run away. They would find the survivors and rescue them. They might lose a few men, but that was a risk they were planning to take. If the Knights were still there... then they would plow on through. Damon took a last look through the Knights when a question was called out. Damon sighed, "We have to assume the worst case scenario. That there are many knights there... along with a Knight-Commander." There were some murmurs in the crowd. Damon couldn't blame them. Knight-Commanders were feared and while each and every one wasn't known and their names weren't memorized you could always tell on the field who the commander was. He was usually the one in front shouting out orders and charging headfirst into their ranks. The problem was.... they were really good. REALLY good. Damon couldn't count how many tales he heard of where a whole battalion of D.F. went after a Knight-Commander, only to be taken down by his power. They were dangerous, and they would have to be careful going there.

    Damon looked around and nodded, "Alright, Declarum Forces, gather together. What happens from here on out is strictly professional. No jokes, no laughter, no goofing off. Let's go."

    There was a bright white light as the group huddled together and were teleported away.

    Outside Kanto Enclave

    The air was quiet. Usually there would be sounds of the D.F. gathered around the enclave, a tree branch breaking, grass being stepped on. None of that happened here. Damon looked down at the grass and noticed there were some red streaks in it. Helpless pokemon that had been running away... only to be cut in the back. Damon turned to the group, "Right. We need to head in there quietly. No telling if there is a ambush set up. Get all of your gear ready now." He said. The group began to move quietly as weapons were checked and medics prioritized their medicines. Damon glanced at the entrance. This was it. Get in, get out, and grab the survivors. Nothing to it. Urta placed hand on his shoulder and Damon nodded. He turned to his group, "Ready to move out?" He asked in a deeper, more commanding voice.
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