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    Name: Aoi ''Arata'' Daisuke

    Nickname: Blue Moon

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Youkai: Snow Boy

    Appearence: Aoi's a very handsome man, this you can imagine. He has a long wave of blue hair, which stops in the center of his shoulder bones. In the front of his hair, it hides his calm blue eyes, curling a little on his upper cheek. Despite this, he seem to be able to see everything clearly. He has a small, pointed nose, which sits on top of his calm frown. His skin's a pale white, showing his likeness to cold places. He has a tall and lean build, but not very ''muscled'', I guess you could say.

    As for what clothes he wear....well, out of uniform, when he's not really in school, he wears an open blue blazer, with a form fitting white shirt. Adorning his legs, he has on long, black pants, neither baggy or slacks. Like most of his kind, he always has a piece of candy in his mouth, and in this case, blueberry bubblegum.

    Personality: Alot of people doesn't like Aoi's personality. Most people think he's a goody two shoes, walking around with his chin up and mouth frowned. In reality, he's a very calmed individual, hardly getting angry in the least bit. When angered, he normally pushes his hair up with one hand, showing his cold, blue eyes. He could be happy and cheerful when told very good news, but normally keeps his calm/cold persona.

    History: Aoi was raised with his mother and father, Madoka(Mother) and Genire(Father). They raised him like a normal Snowboy, teaching him about his powers when he was of age. He grew up slightly antisocial, considering the fact that he was the only child, and lived far away with his parents. His mother gave him his education, being a scholar herself, while his father trained him. After a while of being alone with his parents, Madoka and Genire finally told him he could leave, knowing that he was lonely for interaction with kids not over 40. So he left, going to a nearby town, which really wasn't 'nearby', I guess you could say...

    When at the new place, Aoi was slightly scared, not knowing in the least bit, what to do. He was also excited, being in a new place, after all. After a long time of wandering, he finally found a small inn, where he paid for a room with the money his father gave him. After living in the city life for awhile, he decided to go back to his parents, at the age of 18, to be exact. They greeted him warmly, and he started to visit them daily, which really wasn't hard, considering the town was maybe two hours away. Eventually, they asked him if he wanted to meet other people like him, after getting told about Youkai Academy. He, of course, said yes, not seeing much of people like him. So there he went, to start his new life.

    ((Yes, I know it was short, but it's my first app, for Christ sake. XD So, how do I introduce myself in, considering you guys are already so far in?))

    Dorm: Uhh....C?
    Trainers can wander,
    But yet they can’t comprehend,
    The number of critters that they must find
    And those they must befriend.

    The Zigzagoon and Bidoof, too,
    And Sentret and Rattata;
    Too common to not be called
    Programmer trash data.
    The hundreds run and scurry about
    Through the forests they forgot,
    Trying to find a solution for
    The hunger they have sought.

    And the great Groudon
    And the mighty Dialga;
    They must be fighting relentlessly
    With Kyogre and Palkia, respectively.
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