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The flying just looks so boring and tedious, idk. I mean, I'll probably get Skyward Sword in due time. That beginning tutorial is treacherous though. Soooo long.

Anyway, as of lately, I've been playing Ocarina of Time 3D and right now I'm really mad at myself cause I apparently missed a Heart Piece. I can only think of two more I need and don't know where I possibly missed one. So that's bugging me. A lot. :( And I was playing Twilight Princess, but I'm not at my house now so I'll get back to that when I get home. Getting ready for Lakebed Temple. Trying to get into Majora's Mask by watching videos, but there's no way I can beat this game without a guide. lol

OH AND I have a Link plushie! It's Phantom Hourglass Link, which is fine and dandy cause it's Link, but I don't like the DS Zelda titles really. But a plushie is a plushie.

As for the RP, you mean here on PC? I doubt I'd do it myself. I'm not big into RP. Besides, what fun is RPing a temple when you can be Link himself and go do the temple in the game? ;) kekekeke.

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