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    Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
    (Masashi is Mick Fizz's character)

    | Full Name: | Hikari Natsumi Dendetsu

    | Nicknames: | Hinami-chan

    | Sex: | Female

    | Age: | 17

    Family: | Sacred Fire

    | Career: | Hikari is an ninja and helps out anyway she can, doesn't matter what it is, she will help with anything. Mostly Hikari treats injured people though.

    | Appearance: |
    (with aqua blue eyes NOT red eyes)

    Hikari has straight dark hair despite that her name is Hikari which means "light". Hikari has aqua blue eyes that perfectly fit her dark hair color and her personality, it shows her sweet, kind and shy side. She wears a tail in her hair with something that looks like a Shuriken on the top of the tail, attached with a red ribbon.

    Hikari wears a shinobi outfit that still shows her feminine thanks to the colors, white, gold, red and a little green on the shoulders. Hikari is very skinny and has a asia tinted skin, she's not exactly tinted, but she's not pale either. She wears her katana on her left side, though it doesn't matter with which hand she takes out her katana cuz she both left and right handed.

    Her katana has a aqua blue handheld with a dragon pattern on the end of the handheld and by the begin. The edge of the case of the katana shows a dragon too.

    | Personality: | Hikari is a kind hearted and caring young women with a passion for singing. She really likes to do this and exclaims that it releases her from the stress she sometimes have, or that it calms her down whenever she is upset, she has a really beautiful voice but doesn't sing in front of people. Hikari can be a little cold hearted too, but only against enemies, it sometimes thicks her off. She and Hinata-miu are often find in the forest, mostly Hikari is leaning against Hinata when she's sleeping on the ground. Hikari is very polite towards her elders, she sometimes must act like a princess because her mother told her so. She somehow shows the personality of an Entei, though, don't be tricked, Hikari can be very hyper, happy-go-lucky-like and funny sometimes. What is unexpected is that Hikari can also be very shy.

    | History: | Hikari was very close with her two years older brother, Masashi, since young age. It's not known why they are so close though. Ever since Hikari could walk and talk she pulled pranks on her beloved older brother, mostly she jumped out of trees and landed right on him. When she got older she stopped pulling pranks on him though and got more serious. Now she asks her brother for advice and such.

    When the tower she and her brother and sister were staying in burned down to the ground, they died. After being brought back to life Hikari was quite scared for other people and was mostly found around her brother in hope he would protect her. A year after the event she turned back to her old selve and made new friends who she played with. After turning 14 Hikari became more serious and stopped pulling pranks on her brother, she still likes to do it sometimes though. Hikari was already good at ninjutsu since that she trained at age of 8, but she became better at age of 14.

    | Skills: | Hikari is very good in ninjutsu and also can sword fight. She can sing very well and likes to draw.

    | Flaws: | Even though Hikari is very good at Ninjutsu, her actions sometimes fail which makes her hit the ground. She's also not very good at cooking (she could learn it but it upsets her when she does something wrong).

    | Weapon: | Katana

    and she knows ninjutsu.

    | Pokemon: | Entei

    | Pokemon Name: | Hinata-Miu (Mi-ew)(Hikaru usually calls her Hinata)

    | Pokemon Personality: | Hinata is a very happy and caring Entei, she likes it to be around Hikari and when Hikari leans against her when she's napping. Hinata-miu is her actual name and she prefers have people to call her like this, but Hikari finds Hinata shorter so only Hikari is allowed to call her that. Hinata is protective towards Hikari, because she knows if Hikari dies, she will too, but the main reason is because Hikari is her best friend.

    | Pokemon History: | Hinata-miu was always found around Hikari ever since she was a little girl, when the Lugia clan and the Ho-oh clan departed Hinata made sure for Hikari's safety by staying with her even at night, thanks to this she never really got the chance to make friends, so her only friend is Hikari and the linked pokemon of Hikari's friends.

    | Pokemon Specialty: | Hinata-miu is a very good fighter and has alot stamina.

    | Pokemon Flaws: | She can have a short temper sometimes and she sleeps alot.

    | Proof of Reading: |
    Ethan fought an team rocket grunt to help out an kimono girl, the boss of the dance theater thanks him and starts telling a story of the ancients times, why the tower is burned.

    miss Dentsutsu and mister Densetsu were madly in love, miss densetsu was linked to Ho-oh, mister Densetsu was linked to lugia. One day he and Lugia accidentally created a storm, do i need to go on? Or did i prove enough?

    | Anything Else: | Hikari is fast embaressed in situations such as love.

    Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
    Yeah, I think I'll just scrap this character. I'll do some research about Japan, and things.

    And the uncle was Lugia's Link...I should have put that.
    You... Probably shouldn't claim any relation to them or other legendaries unless you've completely gone over it with me. I don't entirely agree with anyone else having relations to the leaders other than their children.

    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    I apologize, but it seems I'm reserved and I simply cannot join another roleplay at this time without serious consequences.
    Your spot is now open for someone new.

    Originally Posted by -Grayscale- View Post
    Finished. Sorry it took such a long time.
    Wonderful. Accepted.

    Originally Posted by Mick Fizz View Post
    I'm sorry to say that my SU will be more delayed. Teachers at my school have decided to go on a test frenzy and I have little spare time because of that. I got a draft saved in my laptop, but it ain't gonna cut it.
    As long as it's up on here when you're done, I've got no problems.


    The Zapdos Spot is now open for someone to take. BE WARNED, THIS SPOT IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you are planning to take this spot, you must be devoted to it, so you won't simply abandon the RP and leave the character lost.


    I created my own character Tsurara Densetsu, along with Articuno. Does anyone think I should make him a sign-up sheet so that you may all see, or should I just leave it a surprise for everyone to find out later?


    For those of you who stuck a sign-up, and have yet to make your sign up or even post since then, your reservations will disappear within the next three days or so. If you're actually working on a sign-up, let me know.

    Spots are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if the RP starts, any open spots will still be available; you'll just be behind everyone else who's already started.

    Thanks for your time in reading this,

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