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    Hi all, I have been developing a game in Unity for the last month and I feel as though I have made good progress, enough to show the game off and seek feedback. This game is a top down shooter, it is full 3D and is updated daily. Here is a video explaining the game and my hopes/plans for the game's future.

    Right now there is no story, there may never be one. this it just a kill em' all Top Down Shooter. Here is a quick todo/planned features list
    • Add 50 Waves[5%]
    • Add Power-Ups
    • Update EnemyAI to AdvancedAI
    • Add LeaderBoards
    • Add Achievements
    • Add more Enemies
    • Add Pause Menu
    • Fix Enemy SpawnLocations script

    This is just a short list of things I plan to do that i can think of off the top of my head I'll constantly be updating my website as well as this post

    There is a demo below, hopefully it wont get removed
    Demo - Play Now!

    Also you can check my signature for the link to my website.

    If you play the demo please take the time to post your feedback so I can keep the demo active and help make this a better game.
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