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Currently ceasing production after losing the 25% completed Beta version. For now this is a permanent Hiatus.

Pokemon Charos

Return of the Dragon King.

  • Developed using RMXP and Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit.



I have an alpha video up, currently trying to get the video put into the post. Here is the link for now.

Gym Battles

  • Rictor Mideus-Stella, Level 14 Steelix; Lil' Rick, Level 11 Phanpy; Numb, Level 9 Numel.

Changes to Pokemon Evolution
Kadabra now evolves into Alakazam at level 34
Aipom now evolves into Ambipom at level 33
Bonsly now evolves into Sudowoodo at level 18
Budew now evolves into Roselia at level 14
Buneary now evolves into Lopunny at level 18
Chansey now evolves into Blissey at level 43
Chingling now evolves into Chimecho at level 16
Clamperl now evolves into Gorebyss at level 14 if it is a Female
Clamperl now evolves into Huntail at level 14 if it is a Male
Clefairy now evolves into Clefable at level 33
Cleffa now evolves into Clefairy at level 10
Dusclops now evolves into Dusknoir at level 51
Eevee now evolves into Glaceon using an Ice Stone
Eevee now evolves into Leafeon using a Leaf Stone
Eevee now evolves into Umbreon using a Moon Rock
Eevee now evolves into Espeon using a Sun Stone
Electabuzz now evolves into Elctavire at level 50
Exeggcutenow evolves into Exeggcutor at level 42
Feebas now evolves into Milotic at level 20
Gligar now evolves into Gliscor at level 32
Gloom now evolves into Bellosum based off of Happiness
Gloom now evolves into Vileplum at level 42
Graveler now evolves into Golem at level 42
Growlithe now evolves into Arcanine at level 40
Happinay now evolves into Chansey at level 14
Haunter now evolves into Genger at level 50
Igglypuff now evolves into Jigglypuff at level 10
Jigglypuff now evolves into Wigglytuff at level 33
Kirilia now evolves into Gallade at level 30 if it is a Male
Lickitung now evolves into Lickilicky at level 34
Lombre now evolves into Ludiculo at level 32
Machoke now evolves into Machamp at level 46
Magmar now evolves into Magmortar at level 50
Magneton now evolves into Magnezon at level 50
Mantyke now evolves into Mantine at level 24
MimeJr now evolves into MrMine at level 20
Misdreavusnow evolves into Mismagius at level 30
Munchlax now evolves into Snorlax at level 30
Murkrow now evolves into Honchkrow at level 36
Nidorina now evolves into NidoQueen at level 38
Nidorino now evolves into NidoKing at level 38
Nuzleaf now evolves into Shiftry at level 32
Onix now evolves into Steelix at level 35
Pichu now evolves into Pikachu at level 10
Pikachu now evolves into Raichu at level 33
Piloswine now evolves into Mamoswine at level 51
Poliwhirl now evolves into Politoad based off of Happiness
Poliwhirl now evolves into Poliwrath at level 42
Porygon2 now evolves into Porygonz at level 34
Porygon now evolves into Porygon2 at level 19
Rhydon now evolves into Rhyperior at level 61
Riolu now evolves into Lucario at level 25
Rosella now evolves into Roserade at level 27
Scyther now evolves into Scizor at level 27
Seadra now evolves into Kingdra at level 54
Shellder now evolves into Cloyster at level 40
Skitty now evolves into Delcattyat level 33
Slowpoke now evolves into Slowbro at level 37
Slowbro now evolves into Slowking at level 52
Sneasel now evolves into Weavile at level 36
Snorunt now evolves into Froslass at level 42 if it is a Female
Staryu now evolves into Starmie at level 38
Sunkern now evolves into Sunflora at level 20
Tangela now evolves into Tangrowth at level 37
Togepi now evolves into Togetic at level 10
Togetic now evolves into Togekiss at level 28
Vulpix now evolves into Ninetails at level 40
Weepinbell now evolves into Victrebell at level 40
Yanma now evolves into Yanmega at level 34



Elder Glitmore, Grandma Karen, and Mr. Vance have watched over you since they found you as a baby 12 years ago. Always having a gentle nature, and great with Pokemon your dream has been to train Pokemon to battle in Kidan's Battle Royal, a honor which is bestowed upon few. As a young child you loved Pokemon, and were excellent with them. To the point that you excitedly jumped into your adventure.....

At the age of 10 you journeyed out of town to fulfill this dream. Walking into Trellum forest a swarm of Beedrill aggravated by another trainer attacked you. For 2 years you gained a terrifying fear of the area outside of Fognir town. At the age of 12 you were walking around Fognir village when you heard the sound of a Pokemon crying. To your dismay no one was around to help you save it. You hesitantly went into Route 1 to find a baby Eevee all alone in the long grass. It's leg was injured, so you brought it back to your house and nursed it.

For 2 years you took care of the Eevee, and it too shared your fear of leaving the village. Finally at the age of 14 you and your Eevee agree to journey together, and explore the vast region of Hyperia. With your close companion, will you be able to gain the 6 Archetype's badges? With Charos supposedly alive will you be able to fiend off the Heart Broken dragon, or will he reign over your land? Will you be able to save Hyperia sure devastation?


  • Hero/Heroine- Discovered as a baby in Trelum forest by Roger Glitmore. Raised in Fognir Village by Karen Jitro. As a young child he/she was trained by Vance, an older Pokemon trainer. At the age of 10 the child journey out of Fognir alone, and gained a fear of Pokemon. Finally at age 14, the child overcame their fear of Pokemon, and decided to pursue their childhood dream of competing in Kidan's Battle Royal.
  • Roger Glitmore-Not much is known of this man's past. He has a vast knowledge of raising Pokemon, but claims to have never been a trainer. Well into his seventies, Roger spends most of his time with his few Pokemon.
  • Karen Jitro-Surrogate mother to the Hero/Heroine, she has never caught or raised any Pokemon. She finds them interesting, but has never taken the time to raise one. Only Thirty-Five she is widowed to her husband Kidan Jitro, legendary Pokemon trainer. For the past Fifteen years she has lived in Fognir Village. After the accident with Kidan she lived in solitude until "Her darling Angel" was found two years after his young death.
  • Vance ????-Only in his early twenties. Vance was Kidan's protege, deeply saddened upon his death, for Ten years he stayed in Fognir with Karen until one day he mysteriously disappeared. He always mentioned wanting to return to his training, but no one is sure where he has gone. Four time champion of Kidan's Battle Royal, Vance was said to be the world's Fourth strongest Pokemon trainer.
  • Kidan Jitro-A true Pokemon Master. With over 200 species captured and raised, his death was known worldwide. He was said to be the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world. His companion Charos, is said to be Hyperia's Gilded Dragon. Legendary world wide. Dying at the age of Twenty, he left his wife Karen Jitro widowed.
  • Charos- Believed to have been deceased for over Twelve years. Once a loyal Pokemon. When his master, Kidan, was killed in an accident, his heart was turned against Humankind. From that moment on, he slowly changed and became world wide known, as a the Dragon King. Previously known as Hyperia's Gilded Dragon.
  • Gym Leader Rictor Mideus - From a young age Rictor was excellent with Pokemon. When he was only six he ventured out into Trelum Forest alone, without a single poke-ball. He returned later with three Pokemon he befriended. With these three Pokemon his Shiny Numel, Steelix, and a Phanpy he worked his way to the top of Kerim Village's Gym. after Twenty years of the leading the Gym he now accepts all challengers to face the offspring of his beloved Pokemon.
  • Single starter Pokemon, Eevee. Evolution stones will be offered onetime, early on in the game. If declined player gains Everstone.
  • No stone Evolutions, or trade Evolutions.
  • No Rival, Protagonist vs Antagonist based storyline.
  • 10 Required Badges for the "battle Royal"
  • 18 Gyms which can be battled, and unlocked.
  • 6 Different Gym Branches, Archetypes or Difficulties. Whichever is easiest to wrap your brain around.
  • HM's unlocked by the completion of each "Archetype"
  • Only 6 HM's, the HM's are still undecided but will 100% include Surf, Fly, and Strength.
  • Single Pokemon starter, this is currently being decided.
  • No rival throughout game play, to reveal more would spoil part of the story.
  • 4 Cities, 9 Villages, 5 Forests, 2 Caverns, 2 Peaks, 50 Routes, 1 Large Island.
  • Pokemon Gyms and Arena's outside of major cities or towns. Similar to Koga's Gym(Fuschia Gym) in the anime.
  • Out of the 6 Archetypes you will need to gain different amounts of badges in order to proceed with the game.
  • The "Very Easy" gyms require you to gain 2 badges out of the 4 "very easy" Gyms.
  • The "Easy" gyms require 1 badge out of the 2 "Easy" Gyms.
  • The "Medium" gyms require 2 Badges out of the 4 "Medium" Gyms.
  • The "Medi-Hard" gyms require 3 Badges out of the 5 "Medi-Hard" Gyms.
  • The "Hard" gyms require 1 badge out of the 2 "Hard" Gyms.
  • The "Master" gym only has 1 gym and requires this gym for progression.
  • Badge types are as follows-Field Badges, Conif Badges, Melus Badges, Virod Badges, Grais Badges, and the single Lynd Badge.
  • Poccil
  • Flameguru
  • All others who have worked on Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit
  • Maruno for his Pokemon Essentials Kit Work, and help with coding issues.
  • Abnegation for their guide on PESK, without that I would not have even attempted this.
  • Nickalooose for advice, feedback, and general assistance.
Project Members
  • BrakeNeck(Randy) of Brake Neck Studios.
Not Started
In Progress

Current Productions-3%
  • Towns-18%
  • Fognir Village-75%
  • Kerim Village-100%
    • Gym-100%
    • Pokecenter-100%
    • Pokemart-100%
    • Houses-100%
  • Outdoor Routes-4%
  • Route 1-100%
  • Route 2-80%
  • Route 3-80%
  • Route 4-90%
  • Route 5-85%
  • Route 6-60%
  • Forests-20%
  • Prelum Forest-100%
  • Caverns-0%
  • Mountains-0%
  • Oceans-0%
  • Pokemon Gyms-6%
    • The Rictor Scale-100%
  • Cities-0%
Completed Challenges
The Random Pokemon Challenge-Fire Red

Current Challenges
Ultimate Monotype-Fire
Combined Pokemon Solo Challenge Thread-Arcanine
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