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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Why do y'all have Deku Shields in Dodongo's Cavern? You could buy a Hylian Shield in Castle Town. :( And I think the guard on Death Mountain Trail gives you a discount on a shield if you bring him a Keaton Mask. Plus I think you can find a Hylian Shield in a chest in the Graveyard. I just remember never having the "your shield is gone!" problem in there haha.

Basically because the Hylian Shield is hard to use as a counter for Deku Shrub merchants and other thingies that shoot at you. I vaguely remember just wanting to finish the game with a complete inventory. But the former is also true.

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I actually like Navi. I had a fun time in 8th grade making comics that starred her, Tatl, and Tael. And even an awesome OoT comic, though it only featured the child dungeons at the beginning of the game. Reading it now, I got a lot of things in the story wrong and missed some key points, but oh well. I LOVE BOATY!! Because you can sail in him and sing Come Sail Away! But Fi is annoying...she just seems so robotic and emotionless. It really bothers me. "Megaman Megaman!!" for any NCS fans in here, haha. I love her design though, so I'll give her that.
Don't get me wrong, I adore her. Reading that she's the most mentioned in the "Most hated videogame character" thread kind of makes me sad. I've seen a comic somewhere where they showed where Link would be without her. Clearly the answer is "nowhere". |D
Haha, yes. |D I also love how pressing the King of Red Lions is: "HURRY UP BEFORE GANONDORF REALISES WE'RE UP TO SOMETHING!"
"Oh, it seems that this dreadful cursed night will not end soon, no need to hurry, we got all the time in the world"
Link: "...." *gets nearly killed by Ganondorf*

I like Fi mainly for the scenes where she dances as Link plays the harp. Her robotic attitude didn't really bother me that much, as she states herself she's not very emotional. Her dry way of talking kind of amused me, in fact.

"Master, your batteries are nearly depleted."
"My what?"

But then again I see room for a more emotional Sword Spirit. And her singing animation was too stiff!
I still found the Fi's Goodbye to be a sad one, though. : < Sometimes I wonder if Link will ever get to keep one of his traveling companions.

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