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    Full Name: Adeline Murray
    Nicknames: Addie
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20

    Family: Sacred Fire
    Career: Medicine/Potion Maker

    Appearance: Addie is very lean, appearing to completely lack any evidence of muscle. She is of about average height, standing at 5'4. Her skin is pale and doesn't tan very easily, just temporarily turning an unusually bright red when in the hot sun. Another side effect to sun exposure is that Addie will develop faint brown freckles running along the bridge of her nose and beneath both her pale hazel eyes. These freckles come and go, however, as hiding away indoors for a few weeks will get rid of them. Addie has a dimple on her left cheek when she smiles, and she's always wondered what the heck happened to the other one. Her wavy blond (nearly white) hair is very long, just reaching the arch of her back. She never styles it in any way, just leaves it down. Addie wears a plain black dress that buttons up on the front. The collar as well as the ends of the sleeves have a ruffled appearance. The sleeves are long and end a little bit before the wrists. The dress also has a small belt around the waistline.

    Personality: Addie is laid-back and indifferent to most things. Whenever dealing with difficult situations, she isn't one to freak out and worry about what should be done. It's obvious, of course. When in doubt, just get your Pokémon to kill it. Addie hates having to participate in physical fights herself and will only do so if it is absolutely necessary, or rather, when she deems it necessary. The reason for that is she isn't so great at fighting, and she's quite lazy as well. However, her excuse is always, "I can't fight you, I'll get all gross…" in the calmest voice possible.

    If, for some reason, Calypso can't fight for Addie, Addie does have a back up plan. She has some telekinetic power that allows her to lift anything below forty pounds. She makes use of this power by lifting up her dagger or other objects behind an enemy and throwing it hard against their head in an attempt to knock them out or kill them. However, her eyes will glow a bright blue when she uses this power so anyone familiar with her wouldn't be caught off guard. Addie always wants to avoid having to make quick, rapid movement, not only because she is lazy, but she has exercise-induced asthma as well. Addie frequently tries to do things "the easy way"; shortcuts are her best friends. She has a tendency to act very sarcastic with people whose personality clashes with her own; people who seem to have too much fun with everything they do, and people who get way too angry over nothing. Addie has a strong dislike for most Pokémon (with the exception of Calypso), but she doesn't express that opinion due to the possibility of execution or banishment.

    Addie and Calypso are very close and will do anything for each other. They rarely have an argument with each other because they have a tight bond and feel and think nearly the same way. Calypso often collects berries, plants, and other obscure ingredients so Addie can brew potions and medicines. Addie is very skilled at making them, but to her annoyance, people love to tease her by calling her a "witch" claiming she looks and acts like one, with the bonus of making potions.

    History: Addie was born to her two parents as the middle child, in between an older sister and a younger brother. Her life was mostly carefree and she spent her time playing with her siblings inside the house. Addie was never allowed to go outside and run around because she frequently got asthma attacks and her parents wanted to remain cautious. While her siblings ran around and played tag outside, Addie's mom taught her how to make medicines and potions. Since Addie was inside so often, she became very skilled in making potions. Her father was almost always working elsewhere, so he rarely showed his face at the house.

    Even though Calypso wanted to go outside and play with Addie's siblings and their Pokémon links, she stayed inside to keep Addie company. The two constantly experimented different mixes of certain ingredients and kept track of what the result was. They loved finding out what happened when their creations were consumed. As long as Addie promised she wouldn't run, she was allowed to go outside with Calypso to train her in battle. Addie hated not getting to move around much, but as years when on, she became used to it and is now quite lazy.

    Skills: Making potions/brews/medicines, telekinesis, remaining calm
    Flaws: terrible fighter, lazy, tries to do everything in the easiest way possible, is sarcastic, can't run or fight very well due to asthma, eyes glow when using telekinesis so it's easy to know what she's doing
    Weapon: Addie has the power of telekinesis, though it is not very strong and she can't lift anything heavier than forty pounds. She carries around a medium sized dagger and frequently bounces it around in the air with her telekinesis when she's bored.

    Pokemon: Absol
    Pokemon Name: Calypso
    Pokemon Personality: Calypso can be just as lazy as Addie, the only difference is that she is physically able to fight, and so she does. Calypso only fights when Addie tells her she may, or when the situation obviously calls for it. She is also very calm and laid back, for the most part.
    Pokemon History: (Same as Addie)
    Pokemon Specialty: Has very high attack, can remain levelheaded
    Pokemon Flaws: Can't take many hits, is almost as careless as Addie is

    Proof of Reading: *proves it* That guy smokes and has a wheezy voice! Smoking is bad for the environment, sir.

    Anything Else: When Addie does happen to get nervous or tense, she cracks the joints in her fingers to try and distract herself.

    ((I'm sorry, I took forever -___- if I need to change anything, let me know. I have a feeling I must have messed up somewhere, hahaha.))
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