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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    If you're using Maruno's Essentials he should be properly credited...

    On to your game... Out of the few games I'm watching, this sounds more fun to play... As opposed to an interesting plot etc. I'd like to know more about the easy, medium and hard gym thing, looks interesting, but I'm a little confused with the fact easy needs one gym but medium needs one... I may be confused here, but isn't Phanpy a normal type and evolves into a ground type? But Houndour is a Dark/Fire type and Carvanha a Dark/Water type, its a little unbalanced for type wise... Correct me if I'm wrong though.

    I had no idea Maruno was doing work on PESK, the link which I was given to get the Kit was from a Thread made by Poccil, which linked me to the Wiki website, I had unwittingly credited him for help with random encounters without knowing that.

    With the Gym Archetype's I just added more of an Explanation of what I had originally meant. There will be 6 Badge types, in order to compete in the Battle Royal you must Attain that number of badges from each Arch-type. I will reveal the names and branches of badges, as I develop cities/towns and Gyms.

    With the starters, yeah I just kind of picked at random of Pokemon I enjoyed. That will be changed, for sure, it will be heavily effect upon what Pokemon I place in each of the Gyms. And note when I say "Very easy" or "Easy" I do not mean, the Pokemon will drop like rocks. I am implying on the amount of Pokemon the Gym leader will have, and the variations of their levels.
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