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I wasn't too fond of the Hylian shield while playing as a child. I didn't like the limited movement while defending. I do admit that it was pretty handy when fighting King Dodongo, though. It's not hard to imagine where Skyward Sword's unbreakable shield came from if it doesn't mind a gigantic dinosaur rolling over it (even protecting it's wearing against pressure).

Yeah, you don't really need it anymore. It's the case with a lot of minigames in OoT, though. Either you're already quite far, or your wallet doesn't have enough space. Imagine my face when I found a 200 Rupee in Kakariko and then I noticed it added only 2 of those. I wish OoT had more possibilities to give away your money. In the end I just did them all to just finish MQ, can't say I enjoyed all minigames (but most of them), but the most hated minigame stays Roll Goal (TP) though. |D

Yeah, it's kind of sad how she just leaves him. There are a lot of theories while she left, one being that she was in love with Link (what?) and left him because they couldn't be together. Another one is because Link simply didn't need her anymore, having finished his quest as the hero... and being a Hylian.
Whatever the reason, I think that Link was justified going on a quest to find her. It's kind of odd none the less that she'd leave him just like that after all they had been through.

Yeah, fourth wall breaking was amusing... until you realise that the Wiimote just drains batteries and that you need to have spare pair ready! |D

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