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Originally Posted by cmbeke View Post
I'll keep working on gen iii then, hopefully you can use them without much editing heres a couple more


Altaria - no resize needed

Spheal - no resize needed

if you see anything that i need to work on just tell me so i can get you better sprites
Swablu looks great

If no resize is needed, then please don't even bother posting it. Obviously I already have all the DS Sprites.

EDIT: Also, since you're the best spriter to contribute so far, can you help with backsprites too? Don't worry if your backsprite's palette doesn't match the front (lots of Pokemon had their palettes changed in B/W, and I pick the palette that most matches the Sugimori art, sometimes even using a custom palette, such as for Parasect and Mantyke), I'll take care of that after the clean up job. All backsprites should be from HG/SS, resized exactly 80%. All Unova backsprites should be custom (or enlarged and edited from part of the B/W backsprite).

Also if you're going to help with Unova backsprites, don't do Tranquill or Unfezant, because I've already done those, I just haven't posted it yet.

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