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I usually busted out my Deku Shield for Lizalfos fights (can't spell hurrr), but I thought Link looked so cute with his huge Hylian Shield. I need a life. :( Gotta stop pinching kids' cheeks.

Happened to me too! Actually first time I went down that hole, I remember ReDeads being there. So...I left. lol Then I thought "WELL that might have been important" so I went back and wanted to scream when I opened the chest. lol But then I also hate in TP where you PUT IT BACK. Cause them I look on the map to see if I got everything and usually forget if it was rupees and back tracks and ugh. :(

In my comic, she was in love with him and thought the whole journey was them looking for a place to get married. Eventually when Link pulls the Master Sword and goes 7 years into the future, she's already in a wedding dress and says, "Time to get married!" and Link just looks at her and puts the sword back. She gets mad and he's like, "I just wanted to see what I look like in seven years." to which she replies with, " were a HUNK!" Then silence. And he leaves and says, "Bye, Navi." lol Though I think it was the latter reason you said. It's not in his race to have a fairy and Navi had served her purpose. So it makes sense that she'd leave. But then in the beginning of Majora's Mask (I think) it mentions he was looking for a long lost it's like...idk. Obviously he didn't want her to leave...if, of course, you make the assumption that the friend is Navi.

I don't have to worry about that. 8) No Wii Zelda titles are in my possession! Though I should fix that.

Objection! Paying 85 Rupees instead of 90 (And needing 90 to pay for the 85 anyways) should not count as a discount!
Never said it was a good discount. ;P I've never done the discount thing myself, so I never even knew it was that bad of one. lol

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