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@ Gold011

The 4th & 5th generation pokemon Will have their actual cries, although I am having trouble inserting them at the moment. The final version will have the exact cries, but the beta probably won't have them.

@ MidnightShine

Yes, Darugis will be the final boss battle at the end of the game. It's your 6 pokemon(or however much you want to use) against it. It has no trainer, it's too powerful. I advise the players who'll play this hack to gather up the legendary pokemon near the end of the game, you'll need it against Darugis. It's stats are all Very High.

@ Pilyongprinxipe

I apprciate the support. I don't know how to insert any animated sprites though, sorry. All of the pokemon will have updated sprites(as seen in the recent pictures I've uploaded) with better graphics as well as their own personal icon sprite in the menu.

Also, if anyone's intrested, please have a look at my Team Thread & join in to contribute to the hack and getting it out to the public faster. I recently posted the few things that are needed.